Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

Modern character action games are all about quick movement and flashy combos, but not all of them are about disposing of the enemies in the most stylish way possible while trying to avoid damage. Ninja Gaiden Sigma, one of the three games included in the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection, sets itself apart from most other action games by forcing players to use a more defensive playstyle.

The correct usage of the block technique makes all the different in Ninja Gaiden Sigma, so we have put together a few tips on how to use it properly so that you can have more fun in the game. Dying all the time is definitely not enjoyable, after all.

How to Block in Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Blocking Basics

As already mentioned, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is quite different from most action games available on the market, as it places great emphasis on defense and defensive playstyles. To block in the game, you will have to hold the L button. For as long as you keep the button down, you will be able to negate damage from most attacks. Block is also an incredibly fast maneuver, so you are able to attack enemies back with little to no delay after having blocked their attacks

Block Breaks

While Ninja Gaiden Sigma doesn’t feature any sort of Stamina bar, Ryu cannot keep blocking indefinitely. After blocking a certain number of attacks, your block may be broken, which will leave you defenseless for a short amount of time. As enemies hit hard in the game, however, you should avoid this at all costs, so adapt to the situation, block when needed and release the button when you think it is safe to do so. Ninja Gaiden Sigma doesn’t penalize you for getting damaged or using healing items, so don’t worry about getting damaged every now and then, if it can help you avoid getting your block broken.


Once you have reached a certain level of mastery, you will be able to perform extremely useful Counterattacks. To do so, you will need to press the attack button as soon as you block an attack. The window to perform counterattacks is quite narrow, so you should be very careful, especially if you’re surrounded by enemies.

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