Nexomon Cheats: Tips & Guide to Catch and Train Them All

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Nexomon tips and cheats to help you better understand your little Nexomon pets and learn how to make them the best!

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If you are familiar with Pokemon, well, this game is pretty similar in terms of pets. You can try to catch new ones, train them and add them to your collection. They will fight for you, they will have various skills, and it’s all up to you to improve them, make them stronger and acquire new ones!

So, if you are ready to learn everything there is to know about Nexomon with all of its systems, then let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Nexomon tips and tricks right here below!

Start by making the right choice! Choose the best starters in the game!

As you are starting off in the game, at some point soon after you start you will have to pick the Nexomon that you want to be your first good pet. From the pets that you can choose at the very beginning, you can check their stats and element and see roughly a little bit about each and every one of them.

Vulazy – is a Normal type Nexomon with decent stats. (you can find it also in the East Home, Easy Ignitia)

Blizo – is a Mineral type Nexomon with great stats. It has high HP, STA, ATK, DEF and a slightly lower than normal SPD. (you can find it also in East Mountain Village)

Fethra – is a Wind type Nexomon with average stats, leaning more towards the ATK side. Its other stats (except SPD) are pretty good! (you can also find it in Mountain Passage)

Bevy – is a Water type Nexomon. It is fairly OK, but I think others are betters even if Bevy’s stats are quite OK. (you can discover Bevy in Khan’s Jungle)

Sprunk – is a Fire type Nexomon with high ATK, HP, STA and pretty good DEF and SPD. (can also be found in South Ignitia)

Velokitti – is an Electric type Nexomon with good ATK and SPD. The other stats are not that great, but it is overall a very good Nexomon. (can also be found in South Mountain Village)

Petril – is a Plant type Nexomon with good ATK and HP. The other stats are average among these Nexomons, so it’s a fairly good choice. (can be discovered in South Hidden Village)

In my opinion some of the best starters that you can go for here are definitely Velokitti because it is an Electric type and it has powerful attacks against pretty much everything, Fethra, because it is good in terms of damage while still maintaining a balance between the rest of the stats, and Sprunk, because it is super powerful.

I suggest that you do not choose Blizo, as it is a Mineral type which will make many of the opponents that you will meet deal a ton of damage against you (with “super effective” attacks). This is another reason why Velokitti is so good, because Electric Nexomon only has a real weakness against Mineral, which you will not encounter quite a lot of.

I suggest that if you started with Blizo, you should be patient and try to capture another good Nexomon in case your Blizo will suffer a ton of damage. Blizo can be very powerful end game, if you can manage to pull through the early game that is!

Explore the world ahead of you

In the game you will have endless opportunities pretty much, and I suggest that you make exploring one of them! Try to check out every nook and corner of the map, learn more about the game and the world that surrounds you.

It is super good to learn what each location does, and what you can get from it. For example, there are a ton of things that you can discover and use them to help you boost yourself in the game. Try exploring all that you see, encounter as many Nexomon trainers as you can and collect as many Nexomons as possible!

Practice makes perfect

Not all the battles are the same, but the same Nexomons’ skills are! This means that if you plan on maining a certain Nexomon, you should try to learn its skills well and remember them so that you can know when to use them.

At the very beginning of the game, you will see a ton of bushes moving around. They contain wild Nexomon which you can either challenge to battle and defeat for EXP, or capture. By capturing them you are adding them to your collection, which should be one of the best collections of powerful Nexomon in game! Or at least, that is what we are trying to achieve here!

Either way, I suggest that you try to battle as much as you can from the very beginning of the game, because only then you will learn how your pets work and know when to effectively use their skills.

Capture more Nexomon

Whenever you are exploring the vast world, try and also expand your Nexomon collection. You can do this by capturing Nexomon, whenever you encounter them! However, I suggest that you don’t try to capture the Common ones, as I think it’s better to save your Nexotraps for the better and rarer ones.

Whenever you are fighting, you will see on the right side the option to capture them. You can use the Nexotraps that you have to throw them at the wild one and attempt to capture it.

You might need to use several Nexotraps in order to capture some more stubborn Nexomon, but if that is the case – don’t worry! You can always purchase more!

Visit the Nexo Store

In the Nexo Store you will be able to spend your Coins and purchase a ton of goods to help you fight. These goods can be anything from Potions (all kinds of potions – healing, immunity to certain effects and revive potions) to Nexotraps.

I suggest that you try to always save your Coins and spend some here (for Nexotraps mainly) because I don’t really think it is worth spending them on the specialty potions just yet. Of course, if you interacted with the NPCs, you will notice that all of them are telling you (one way or another) that you should buy Health Potions.

Well, I will repeat what they are saying and suggest that you always have at least 1 or 2 Potions with you. They cost 200 Coins at the Nexo Store, so it’s not a fortune to buy one at least. They will come in handy big time when you are fighting various challenges, especially Ivan’s.

Another thing which will come in handy (just in case) can be the special potions (Anti Burn, Anti Poison, Anti Freeze and so on) which basically remove / give immunity to the certain attribute. They are not mandatory early on, but later on in the game you should think about purchasing one of each just in case.

Now for the Nexotraps, make sure you always have at least 3 with you. 3 is a good number, because you never know if the Nexomon will escape or not, and by having more traps you can increase your chances of catching it. Of course, if you can have more, by all means get more!

Save your Diamonds and get rare Nexomon

The Diamonds are the premium currency in the game, so if you manage to save a few from various tasks and encounters, make sure you save them. You can spend them by heading to the “Open!” tab in the top right corner of the screen, which will show you two types of boxes:

– Regular Nexobox: gives you a totally random Nexomon and it costs 210 Diamonds

– Golden Nexobox: gives you a Rare Nexomon or higher guaranteed and it costs 320 Diamonds.

Whenever you have the chance, save 320 Diamonds and buy the Golden one, because it is super worth it for the guaranteed at least Rare Nexomon!

Farm certain Nexomon

You can choose to farm for certain Nexomon or to farm EXP by being in the same location and basically “resetting” the bushes over and over again. All you have to do basically is this:

– Walk over the bushes which are moving to trigger the encounters

– Either fight or try to capture the Nexomon which appear

– When the encounter is over, walk out of the bush and a little bit away from it (like “outside of the screen” with the bushes)

– Walk back in on the bushes, they will be reset

You can do this over and over again and try to either level up your Nexomon or try to get new ones and capture them. It’s super easy and efficient, as the EXP gained applies to the whole team.

Reach mileage levels with your Nexomon and unlock new stats

Your Nexomon will have certain stats and skills, and you should learn more about them whenever you get a new one! To do this, tap on the Nexopad in the top left corner of the screen. There, head on to the Team menu and see the Nexomon that are currently on your team.

Since you can have a maximum of 6 Nexomon on your team at once, the rest of the ones you capture will be sent to the NexoBox Storage, and you can access that from the town.

But for now, focus on the ones which are on your team. Select one of the Nexomon and tap on the “Skills” button on the right. There, you will see that there are certain level mileages which you can reach to unlock new skills. This is super useful because you can then focus on upgrading the best Nexomon you got and focus on leveling them up mainly before the others.

You can buy Nexomon straight from the shop!

There are a few Nexomon which you can purchase straight up from the Premium Shop by spending Diamonds! This is not the best way to acquire them, as it gives no satisfaction of capturing them, but it is an easy way to get them and especially if you started with Petril, this can make things easier for you by allowing you to buy a new one.

Change your Avatar!

If you are not a big fan of the default Avatar (boy or girl) you can head on to the Premium Shop and open the Avatar menu, which will pop up a list of avatars which you can buy and exchange with the one you currently have.

They all cost 80 Diamonds, but it is a purely aesthetic change. It will not give any stats whatsoever, so if you are not playing for the aesthetics part of the game, I don’t consider this a must buy. Better save your Diamonds for a Golden NexoBox.

Fight with countering elements!

Your Nexomon can belong to a certain Element, and that can be either very effective or not so effective against another. I suggest that if your enemy is a Water type for example, you fight it with Plant type so that your attacks will be very effective! Either way, here is a list of the elements’ weaknesses:

Fire – strong against Plant and Mineral / weak against Water

Water – strong against Fire / weak against Plant and Electric

Plant – strong against Mineral and Water / weak against Fire and Wind

Wind – strong against Plant / weak against Electric

Electric – strong against Water and Wind / weak against Mineral

Mineral – strong against Electric / weak against Fire, Water and Plant

A few other Nexomon tips and tricks to guide you through the game:

– If you see a golden dot over a bush, a mushroom, a house, a tree or any other environmental element, go there and tap on the “A” to interact with it. It is usually a random reward, which can be anything: Coins, Diamonds, Potions and whatnot.

It might take a little to spot them clearly, but once you get the hang of it, you will not miss any of them!

– Tap on all the other Nexomon trainers you see on the map! They might have a challenge for you!

– Always go to the Healing Centers! They will instantly restore your party’s HP to full and it’s a better way than to spend Coins on potions! You can spot the NPCs which heal too – if they have a green cross above their heads!

– Do not fight Ivan until you have a few good Nexomon! I suggest having 6 good ones, and not level 1-2, but rather 7-8.

– Talk to every NPC you see, inside the houses and outside too! You can learn about some locations in the game which have certain good Nexomon (like for example in the Eastern Cave).

These would be all of our Nexomon tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some other cool and useful game tips that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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Nexomon Cheats: Tips & Guide to Catch and Train Them All

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