New Pokemon Snap

New Pokémon Snap is all about taking the most beautiful photos you can, but did you know that it is also about snapping the most unique photos as well? Thanks to the LenTalk requests, you will be able to learn more about the Pokémon in the Lental Region and their unique behaviors and obtain some very nice rewards in the process.

Here are all of the Undersea course requests, the Research Level needed to access them and how to complete them.

All New Pokémon Snap Undersea Requests

  1. Favorite Hangout Spot – Research Level 3 – Take a photo of the Luvdiscs sleeping at the beginning of the stage.
  2. Swimming Clamperl – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of the Clamperl as it emerges and swims away after Lumineon disturbs it. Lead the Pokémon to Clamperl’s hiding spot to make it do so.
  3. Lucky Four-Leaf Clover – Research Level 3 – Use Illumina Orbs to lure four Luvdisc to a Crystabloom then play Melody to make them enter a sort of clover formation. Take a picture of them in this formation to complete the request.
  4. A Ring of Bubbles – Research Level 3 – Throw an Illumina orb at Alomomola and Luvdisc at the beginning of the course then take a photo as they interact.
  5. A New Way to Dance – Research Level 2 – Throw an Illumina orb at Cradily, play a Melody, and take a picture of it as it dances.
  6. Stirring Up Starmie – Research Level 3 – Throw a Fluffruit at a Starmie hidden beneath the sand and take a photo as a Lumineon comes to dig the Pokémon out of its hiding spot.
  7. See Ya Inf-later! – Research Level 1 – Take a photo of Qwilshif as it deflates once it has gotten bigger. You can achieve this by playing a Melody first, and then throw a Fluffruit at the Pokémon.
  8. Ready, Aim, Fire! – Research Level 2 – Throw an Illumina orb at a Clawitzer right before it starts shooting at the other Clawitzer.
  9. Undersea Ballroom Dancing – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of the male Tentacruel and Frillish as they dance. To make them do so, through an Illumina Orb at the male Tentacruel as soon as you spot it.
  10. A Sunlit Cave – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of the group of Chinchou as they reach the cave. You can lure them to the location by using Fluffruit.
  11. A Light in the Depths – Research Level 3 – Save the Lanturn from the Frillish by throwing an Illumina Orb at them and then take a picture as the Lanturn gets away.
  12. A Seven-Colored Glow – Research Level 3 – At the end of the course, get Startmie out from the sand, activate the Crystabloom with an Illumina Orb, and take a picture of the Starmine.
  13. To the Bottom of the Sea – Research Level 3 – Make Alomomola get caught by Frillish by throwing Fluffruits at it, then take a picture as it gets captured.
  14. Golisopod Training – Research Level 3 – Make Clawitzer attack the sleeping Golisopod by throwing Illumina Orbs and take a photo of the two Golisopod as they train.
  15. Seafloor Roar – Research Level 3 – Take a photo of Lugia as it roars.

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