New Pokémon Snap

In New Pokémon Snap, you have to take lots of photos of a lot of different Pokémon to help Professor Mirror uncover the mystery of the Lental Region and complete the Photodex. Not all photos you take, however, are related to your main mission, as you can choose to engage with the LenTalk requests to snap more unique photos that will allow you to obtain a variety of different rewards. There are different requests for all courses in the game, so they are just perfect if you haven’t had enough of the New Pokémon Snap experience.

Here are all of the requests available in the Sands (Day) course, the Research Level required to make them become available and how to complete them.

All New Pokémon Snap Sands (Day) Requests

  1. Striking a Pose with Its Tail – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of the hidden Skroupi as it gets ready to fight. Throw an Illumina Orb to get it to assume its battle stance.
  2. The Flying Cacnea – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of the Cacnea at the start of the course as it gets caught in the sand tornado.
  3. Where Did the Fluffruit Go? – Research Level 2 – Take a picture of the Flygo that appears after you make the tornado disappear by throwing Illumina Orbs. The Flygo appears if you throw a Fluffruit.
  4. Munching Mandibuzz – Research Level 3 – Take a photo of the Mandibuzz eating a Fluffruit to the right side of the course, near the beginning. You obviously need to throw one to take a photo.
  5. A Finicky Flame – Research Level 1 – Throw an Illumina Orb and a Fluffruit at Torchic, and then snap a photo of it.
  6. Sprinting in Surprise – Research Level 1 – Take a photo of a surprised Heliosk. You can surprise the Pokémon by throwing a Fluffruit in the water.
  7. Lycanroc’s Reply – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of the Lycanroc as it reaches the top of the rock and starts howling. To make the Pokémon do so, you need to scan it as it reaches the top of the rock.
  8. Oasis Buddies – Research Lv. 2 – Throw an Illumina orb at Torchic and at Hippowdon to make Torchic jump. Take a photo at this very moment.
  9. Totally Cool Tyranitar – Research Level 2 – Make Lycanroc and Tyranitar confront one another by luring Lycanroc with Fluffruit, and then snap a photo of Tyranitar as it smashed the rocks.
  10. Onix’s Mighty Leap – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of Onix trying to reach three Mandibuzz. Use either Fluffruit or Illumina Orbs to disturb them so that they can attract the Onyx’s attention.

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