New on iOS: R-Type II, Stubies, A Darker Shade of Red & More


It seems that this week all the developers are waiting for the Valentine’s Day to come in order to release their games, and we’re probably going to be heavily hit by lovey dovey titles, which is not necessarily a good thing. Even worse is the fact that we don’t have a very impressive line-up of games launched today, but we still managed to select a few that might just make it on your iPhone or iPad and entertain you greatly.

So let’s check out the new iOS releases of the week – then decide which is the best!

R-Type II

Probably there are not many mobile gamers who played the original R-Type games back in 1987 and 1989 respectively, but that should be no problem – they now have the chance to experience some old school side scrolling shooting action as it was back in the day: amazing and Flappy Bird-like difficult. (And we also managed to sneak in the Flappy Bird reference for the day, so we can continue breathing). Back to R-Type II, it challenges you to pilot your ship in the fight against the alien Bydo Empire and take it down with power-ups, two new types of weapons, the Search Laser and Shotgun Laser, and a new anti-ground unit bomb.

iTunes link: R-Type II


We’ve already talked about this extremely good looking puzzle game and we’re certainly going to hear more about it in the future. In the game, you need to control and direct your stubies to safety by matching then and trying to avoid the traps in each level. It’s always a bonus when the characters in a game are really cute, and this is the case for Stubies.

iTunes link: Stubies

A Darker Shade of Red

A Darker Shade of Red is a fully voiced, jazzy noir point-and-click adventure game, filled to the brim with dark humor and shady characters. Help the private investigator Mulder solve the case, by exploring an old motel, helping the residents and ultimately confront the antagonist. And see if Scully makes a cameo appearance during the game.

iTunes link:A Darker Shade of Red

Super Obstacle Boy

A minimalist, old school and extremely difficult platformer game, Super Obstacle Boy challenges you to rescue your girlfriend Rescue Girl from the hands of the evil Dr. Negative. A game that somehow reminds me of the old school flash hit Super Karoshi. Either way, you’ll have a ton of trouble trying to beat the game!

iTunes link: Super Obstacle Boy

Any Landing

If you’ve seen any action movie involving a plane crash, you already know that landing a plane is easy as pie. Then why not give it a try in Any Landing, a game that will probably prove the exact opposite. Created by Flick Fishing’s developer Strange Flavor, this one looks like a hit in the making. And you can take that literally too!

iTunes link: Any Landing


Luminous is an addictive, fast paced avoidance game where you have to stay alive and stay in the light. Collect as many squares as you can to gain the highest score! A game that goes great for those moments when you are alone and bored during your bathroom break.

iTunes link: Luminous

We’ll keep an eye on the App Store for any other releases worth noting, but as I said in the intro, we’ll probably have to wait for Friday to see the ton of Valentine’s Day releases. But from these titles – which one looks the best?

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New on iOS: R-Type II, Stubies, A Darker Shade of Red & More


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