The incredibly charming Hidden Folks received a new update today! In this update, a new City puzzle area has been added to the game. If you’ve found everything in the other areas, it’s time to move into the bustling city and starting searching!

If you’re not familiar, Hidden Folks is a minimalist “Where’s Waldo” type game where you find hidden objects, people, animals, and more in simple yet elegant environments, like a busy office space, a lively neighborhood, or a snowy ski slope.

With over 190+ targets to find and 20+ areas to explore, there’s lots and lots of stuff to find in Hidden Folks. It’s a pretty stress-free game too, as the design lends itself to a very relaxing yet engaging experience. No timers or anything to deal with – it’s just you and the hidden folks!

If you love hidden object games, be sure not to miss out on Hidden Folks. As an added bonus, the game is currently 50% off on the iOS App StoreHidden Folks is also available on the Google Play Store at its regular price.


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