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New Emblem System Explained in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Find out about the revamped Emblem System

As part of the project NEXT, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is undergoing a major overhaul of its features. This includes significant changes to the Ranked matchmaking, Emblem, and Ranked UI, among other things. Out of all changes, Emblem system revamp affects the entire playerbase.

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The new Emblem system brings a range of exciting changes, and this guide aims to explain all the changes to help you grasp the updated Emblem system in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

All Changes to Emblem System in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The first major change to the Emblem system is that the Jungle Emblem has been removed, and the Physical and Magic Emblems have been merged. Instead of having 9 Emblems like before, there are now only 7 Emblems in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The Physical and Magic Emblems have been combined to create the new Common Emblem. These new Emblems are designed to assist characters in playing their roles effectively, just like the old Emblems.

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In the new Emblem system, each Emblem has three slots or tiers: Basic, Standard, and Core. The Basic slot increases your hero’s attributes. The Standard slot provides buffs to enhance your hero’s performance. Lastly, the Core slot offers incredibly powerful buffs specifically tailored for your hero’s role.

Let’s take a look at the Core Attributions for Emblems for all types of roles:

Basic Common Emblem

  • Hybrid Regen
  • HP (Health Points)
  • Adaptive Attack

Tank Emblem

  • HP
  • Hybrid Defense
  • HP Regen

Assassin Emblem

  • Adaptive Penetration
  • Adaptive Attack
  • Movement Speed

Mage Emblem

  • Magic Power
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Magic Penetration

Fighter Emblem

  • Spell Vamp
  • Adaptive Attack
  • Hybrid Defense

Support Emblem

  • Healing Effect
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Movement Speed

Marksman Emblem

  • Attack Speed
  • Adaptive Attack
  • Lifesteal

You might already know about many of these characteristics, but there are also some new attributes that have been introduced, such as Adaptive Attack, Adaptive Penetration, Hybrid Defense, and Hybrid Regen. Let’s take a brief look at what these new attributes do:

  • Adaptive Attack adjusts a hero’s strength in either Physical Attack or Magic Power, based on whichever is higher.
  • Adaptive Penetration increases Physical Attack or Magic Power if either of them surpasses the other
  • Hybrid Defense increases a hero’s Physical and Magical Defense
  • Hybrid Regen boosts both health and mana regeneration

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Following the latest update, players are now able to freely choose and use any talent with any Emblem, as the previous limitations have been removed. Let us dive into the Core, Standard, and Basic talents players can use in the new Emblem system:

Core Talents in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • Impure Rage – Extra Skill Damage and Restore Mana on hit
  • Concussive Blast – Area of Effect (AoE) damage on hit based on hero HP
  • Killing Spree – HP Regen and Movement Speed buff on kills
  • Lethal Ignition – Extra Damage after dealing damage to a hero multiple times
  • Brave Smite – Damage heroes with skills to regenerate HP
  • Focusing Mark – Dealing damage to enemies enhances ally hero damage to the enemy
  • Weakness Finder – Basic Attacks have a chance to slow enemies
  • Quantum Charge – Basic Attacks grant HP Regen and Movement Speed buff.

Standard Talents in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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  • Life Drain – Minion kills grant HP Regen
  • Seasoned Hunter – Increase damage against jungle creeps, Lord, and Turtle
  • Tenacity – Increase Defence when below 50% HP
  • Master Assassin – Increase Damage when there is only one enemy hero nearby
  • Bargain Hunter – Equipment can be purchased at 95% of the original price (5% discount)
  • Festival of Blood – Gain bonus Spell Vamp for each hero kill, up to 8 stacks
  • Pull Yourself Together – Reduces Battle Spell and Active Equipment Cooldown
  • Weapon Master – Physical Attack and Magic Power gained from items and Emblems.

Basic Talents in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • Thrill- Gain 16 Adaptive Attack
  • Swift – Gain 10% extra Attack Speed
  • Vitality – Gain 225 extra Max HP
  • Rupture – Gain 5 Adaptive Penetration
  • Inspire – Gain 5% extra Cooldown Reduction
  • Firmness – Gain 6 extra Physical and Magic Defense
  • Agility – Gain 5% extra Movement Speed
  • Fatal – Gain 5% extra Critical Chance and 10% Critical Damage.

Now that we’ve covered those talents, let’s shift our attention to the last change in the Emblem system of Mobile Legends. The good news is that players no longer need Battle Points to upgrade their Emblems. Even better, all the progress and levels you achieved with your Emblems in the previous system will carry over to the new Emblem system.

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