Darkness has invaded the colorful world of Disney Emoji Blitz, and now it is up to you to fight off the dark and bring back to the light! Of course, you are not alone, as you have the legendary keyblade wielders Sora and Aqua fighting alongside you!

In an all new time limited event, you can play special stages that have darkness spread among the board. You will need to match the emojis that are on the spaces to clear the darkness! Clearing these levels will reward you with keyblades that you can use to close the darkness portals!

If you can complete the entire event before it is over, you will receive a free Diamond Box that features Sora, the main hero from the Kingdom Hearts series, as well as Aqua, one of the original heroes to wield the keyblade for the first time.

In addition to this, the special Rose Gold Minnie emoji returns just in time to celebrate Polka Dot Day! She will be the latest Item Card Event, and finishing the event nets you another free Diamond Box featuring Minnie, Rose Gold Minnie, and Retro Minnie.


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