NEO: The World Ends With You: All Week 1, Day 5 Sub Quests

NEO: The World Ends With You

In NEO: The World Ends With You, you will be given the chance of completing some side quests during certain days that will allow you to expand the Social Network to learn new skills and obtain a variety of nice rewards such as Yen Pins that can be sold for money as well as regular Pins that can make fighting Noise way easier.

Completing these side quests is not required to clear the game on Normal difficulty, but if you’re aiming to complete the game at Hard and Ultimate, the additional Social Network skills you can unlock and the Pins you will obtain as reward will make the challenges ahead more manageable, so it is advisable to complete them even if you are not aiming for 100% completion.

Here’s how to complete the three side quests available during Week 1, Day 5.

All Week 1, Day 5 Sub Quests in NEO: The World Ends With You

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Good Noise Hunting

The Good Noise Hunting sub quest can be started by heading over to Spain Hill and interacting with Yusei Iseya, the boy standing on the stairs. Scan him to learn what is bothering him and use Nagi’s dive to enter his mind and get rid of the Noise. This Chain Reduction battle can be difficult if you’re below level 19, so make sure to be at a high enough level to clear it within the time limit. Once the Noise have been defeated, you will receive a 1000 Yen Pin and 5 Friendship Points. You will also unlock Yusei Iseya on the Social Network.

Fangirl in Crisis

To start the Fangirl in Crisis side quest, you need to get to the Scramble Crossing and scan Yuika Kaga, the woman near the statue of Hachiko to the left of the crossing. After scanning the woman, use Imprint and then pick Favorite and Cherish. Once this is done, interact with Yuika Kaga again to complete the side quest and unlock her node on the Social Network. You will also get a 1000 Yen Pin and 5 Friendship Points.

Don You Forget About Me

The Don You Forget About Me quest is started by entering The Don’s Restaurant in Dogenzaka. Inside, you will learn about the Don’s latest troubles, which require Fret’s Remind ability to solve. Get the picture right, and then Remind the woman located near the restaurant. After doing this, head into the alley and locate another woman who needs to be Reminded about the Don’s curry. Once this is done, head back to the main street, go to the right, and climb the second floor of the first building near the right exit. Remind the woman about the Don’s curry, then head back to the restaurant to complete the quest. You will receive a 1000 Yen Pim and 5 Friendship Points as reward and unlock Yoko Norimoto on the Social Network as well.

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NEO: The World Ends With You: All Week 1, Day 5 Sub Quests


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