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NecroMerger Sibling Rivalry Guide & Tips

NecroMerger Sibling Rivalry Guide & Tips
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NecroMerger is a unique take on the merge puzzle genre. In this guide, we provide tips for the current Sibling Rivalry event, both for beginners and advanced players.

Listen up! In NecroMerger, an incredibly addictive Puzzle game, you take on the role of a Necromancer who commands a ravenous pet Devourer. You get to call forth all sorts of creatures and merge them to transform them into more enormous zombie monstrosities, all for the satisfaction of your insatiable companion.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing an ongoing event in the game and also providing you with some fantastic tips and tricks to help you dominate the game overall!

Guide and tips for NecroMerger Sibling Rivalry

The Sibling Rivalry event can be quite challenging. Fear not, as we have some excellent tips for you below that are guaranteed to help you succeed!

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Cannons Are a Must

To make this event a success, you must have an ample amount of Cannons. Remember to underestimate cannons’ power, especially when you have them in large numbers.

Keep them at level 1 until all upgrades are maxed out. Once done, follow these tips to gather Gunpowder and upgrade them. A basic level 1 cannon can deal 200 damage every 3 minutes, amounting to a total of 4000 damage per hour. So, make sure you have enough Cannons to make the most of this event.

Remember this because it’s crucial: Two, level 1 cannons are more than enough to take down Grunts spawned by a Banner. And if you want to defeat a Musketeer in an hour, you’ll need at least seven cannons – no less. For maximum efficiency, you should be running at least nine cannons and adding a tenth from the shop on the last day.

By the way, that level 5 cannon in the shop is like having ten level 1 cannons, so take advantage of that opportunity.

Remember, having a high number of cannons is the key to clearing targets quickly and dominating the event.

Reduce the use of Floating Weapons

Weapons that float in the air lose their effectiveness rapidly. When Iron is limited, prioritizing them becomes a choice between a low-level Anvil that delivers kills or a high-level one that spawns.

To optimize your gameplay, you must prioritize cannons to minimize floating weapon usage. Allocate Iron to spawn more cannons and yield more Gunpowder and Steel for additional cannons and upgrades. It is strongly advised to use max-level weapons on mages instead of wasting Iron on trashing parts, although intentional spawning is discouraged. Remember to reserve the cannons mainly at the start of the game.

Early Purchase Generators

It is imperative to prioritize the construction or early acquisition of Generators as they prove to be more advantageous in the long run. Iron generators, which include the base level and shop resources, should be considered sufficient but not relied upon for damage inflicted by cannons.

Early investment in Generators is beneficial!

Prioritize Musketeers

It is imperative to prioritize Musketeers at the beginning and shift focus to Warriors when they spawn during the middle of Day 2.

To prevent a situation where Warriors die slowly due to an overwhelming number of Musketeers, avoid activating every Musketeer armor stand immediately. You must strategically start 3-4 Musketeer armor stands for each Warrior until a max-level Anvil.

If Steel is required for an upcoming upgrade, wait to activate Musketeers until all Warriors are eliminated. This is particularly essential in the second half of Day 2 when stockpiling Steel is crucial for clearing the Day 2 shop and promptly acquiring the level 5 cannon from the Day 3 shop.

Two Banners rather than One

It’s always better to plan ahead and be prepared for what’s coming your way. So, when you’re about to summon two Banners, hold on for a moment and don’t rush it. This way, you’ll be able to avoid cluttering your board and keep things organized.

HINT: Plus, you’ll be able to claim a level 2 Iron Crate instantly and combine your Gunpowder/Steel stacks seamlessly.

Anyway, the next time you’re thinking about summoning Banners, remember this tip and stay ahead of the game!

Prioritize key upgrades

When it comes to upgrading your build, there are certain vital upgrades that you must prioritize. Refrain from wasting your time on trivial upgrades that won’t yield any substantial benefits. Instead, focus on the upgrades that matter the most.

The Banner spawn timer upgrade, for instance, can significantly boost kills, unlock new options, and provide you with crucial resources and Score. So, make sure to prioritize it early on.

TIP: If you want to maximize your Score, aim for the maxed banner upgrades, which can yield 71 banners, a 50% increase, resulting in extra Gunpowder, Steel, and Iron crates. For a cannon build, prioritize cannon damage, followed by Floating Weapon damage. Don’t forget that score maximization is crucial before your first Mage kill.

However, keep in mind that not all upgrades are worth your time and resources. Iron Storage and Bomb Damage upgrades may not be worthwhile for free-to-play players, especially with frequent check-ins preventing Iron caps and Bomb Damage requiring excessive resources unless buying the level 3 Alchemy Table from the Day 3 Shop for gems.

So, be wise and invest only in the upgrades that will give you the best returns.


Investing in Bombs is definitely worth it. Despite the expensive setup in Steel for free-to-play runs, spending 125 Gems on the level 3 Alchemy Table can convert excess gunpowder into significant damage.

With fully upgraded damage, a level 2 Bomb can deal a whopping 150k damage, which is about one-third of a Mage’s HP.

TRICK: By spawning 6 or 7 Bombs by the end of the event, which requires 40 Gunpowder for each level 2 Bomb, you can easily defeat two Mages.

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