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NBA2K21 is a basketball simulation game  by Visual Concepts available on multiple platforms. The game offers a unique storyline called The Long Shadow, a vast city filled with opportunities and opponents, G.O.A.T. team, revamped league management and much more. In this article, we will share NBA2K21 working lockers codes that players can redeem right now.

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With our NBA2K21 lockers codes, players can claim free rewards like Retro 2k volume pack, Idols Kevin Garnett, contract pack, shoe pack, token, Emerald Jordan and much more. We have the most updated NBA2K21 lockers codes. If you find any of the code not working, notify us in the comments below and we will make the necessary changes.

NBA2K21 Locker Codes – Working

Here is the list of working codes for NBA2K21 that players can claim right now to get free rewards. NBA2K21 lockers codes are subject to expire. So, we recommend the players to redeem the below-mentioned codes as early as possible.

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  • S5AGE-OF-HEROES-SUPER-PACKS – Quantum, Idols Kevin Garnett, Pantheon All-Star, Flash 7, or Retro 2K Vol 3 Pack
  • IDOLS-2-DARK-MATTER-KG21 – Idols Kevin Garnett Pack, Badge Pack or Tokens
  • JORDAN-LAST-SHOT – Emerald Jordan
  • MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB – 1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Basketball Pack

We will add new NBA2K21 lockers codes when they are made available.

NBA2K21 Locker Codes – Expired

Here is the list of NBA2K21 lockers codes that have expired and cannot be claimed anymore.


We will update this section with the aforementioned working NBA2K21 lockers codes when they expire.

How to redeem Locker Codes in NBA2K21

To redeem codes in NBA2K21, open the game and go to my teams from the main menu. Now navigate to the extras menu. There you will find Locker Codes tab. Click on it and enter the aforementioned NBA2K21 working locker codes to get free rewards.

Make sure to keep the dashes when you enter the code. Or, it will not work.


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