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Myths of Moonrise Tier List

Myths of Moonrise Tier List
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Myths of Moonrise has plenty of heroes for you to choose from, but you can only bring five with you into battle. With so many factors to consider, let’s talk about which heroes are the best.

Myths of Moonrise is a city-building strategy game with match-3 puzzle battles. Heroes are a crucial part of your army, as you fight with them in the match-3 battles and use them to lead your army into conflicts. Some heroes are better suited than other for battle, so we’ll show you best of the best in our Myths of Moonrise tier list.

The best heroes in Myths of Moonrise (S-Tier heroes)

Heroes do double duty in Myths of Moonrise. Not only can you use them to fight in the match-3 puzzles, but they can also be deployed on the world map to conquer key areas. This is an important distinction about Myths of Moonrisealmost every hero in the game is useful in some way, even the lower-tier ones.

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To get started, we’ll go over the ones that we had the best experience with for battle purposes. These heroes are exceptionally strong, and you can’t go wrong with them.

EscheDeals high damage, lowers the enemy’s defense, and stuns them for three turns. Stunning is huge in this game, and Esche can easily control the flow of battle with her skill.
PetraA strong support hero, as she can fully restore a random ally’s Rage Skill, and buff the team’s attack power at the beginning of a fight.
LucreziaDeals massive single-target damage and can sap an enemy’s incoming healing.
SarahDeals massive single-target damage and can poison enemies.
MarciOne of the best support heroes, as she can boost the team’s attack by 80%, though their accuracy is reduced. She can also reduce the attack of all enemies and dispel their buffs.
SabenaThe best healer in the game is able to heal allies, increase their healing bonus, and can even cheat death once.
KevinDeals moderate AoE damage and reduces enemy rage, can dispel ally debuffs, and is naturally immune to stun and paralysis. Excellent in PvP.
LawDeals massive AoE damage after a short delay of 2 turns. Her Rage Skill can also prevent healing for 5 turns, and she’s naturally immune to silence and burn.

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Myths of Moonrise A-Tier and below heroes

As we mentioned, even the lower tier heroes are useful in Myths of Moonrise. Each hero, when awakened enough, grants passive bonuses whether or not they’re actively deployed. This means that you can awaken your lower tier heroes without any fear of wasting resources.

AMikia, Tsai Yachun, Miyuki, Totimia, Parolo, Scar, Wendy, Harold, Sheryl, Annalise, Althea, Ophelia, Flanders, Caroline, Louis, Donald, Victoria, Viktor, Edward, Cedric, Barron, Dolores, Archer, Teresa
BMatt, Judith, Rielph, Elina, Karne, Lucifer, Diana, Bevers, Barbara
CJames, Jennie, Willian, Erica, Linda, Niya, Oswald, Allen

That’s it for our Myths of Moonrise tier list. What do you think about the rankings? Do you think a hero should be somewhere else on the list? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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Myths of Moonrise Tier List