In My Secret Bistro you will cook your way up to the top and become the most famous restaurant in the city. The My Secret Bistro tips and cheats we will share with you, will help you get the best out of your amazing staff, delicious recipes and will also help you level up faster than you could say Tri-pizza! Oh, let’s not forget about the outstanding decor!

Our My Secret Bistro cheats will not only show you how to level up fast, but also how to keep your customers happy and keep an eye out for the best encounters (yeah, talking about those Couples)!

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Tap the customers!

When you tap on the customers you will get a pop-up with a message they have for you. It is a fun way to keep you entertained while your recipes are cooking and you will also find out a thing or two about them! By doing this, you will keep them entertained too and the hearts you get will never go down!

Get your rewards!

Once a day you will get some cool daily rewards (for simply logging in to the game). They are different every day, getting progressively better for a total of 28 days. However, if there is something that you like very much on a following day, if you tap on that and spend a Ruby or two you can get to the 28th day reward faster!

Put up some neat decorations

By decorating the shop, just like it would happen in real life, people are drawn to it! Try going for the decor items that best improve your shop. Since the space is quite limited, do not over-decorate since your customers might not have room to go to their tables!

One great My Secret Bistro tip I could give you about decorating is this: keep it simple yet effective! The decor items have a certain value, and the value you get out of them depends on their level. While you are low level, your shop is quite small and the items you can buy are limited (still), so only go for a couple of them that give most beauty points.

Expand your ground

Once you reach level 5, you can buy your very first store upgrade. This is one thing you need to keep an eye out for, because it will allow you to buy more tables, chairs, decorations and place more staff.

The best thing you could do here is, once you reached level 5, you should have 15,000 G on you so you can go right into the store and buy the first upgrade. By this time you should also have 10 Rubies. After getting the first upgrade, get the second one that costs 10 Rubies.

After doing these upgrades, the best you could do is save a lot of Rubies for when you reach level 11. If you want to upgrade the store until then, I suggest you do not go for the Ruby upgrade because it will be quite expensive, so unless your Ruby source is unlimited, try to keep them and get the best use.

Hire professional staff (even a Prince)

Your staff can rank anywhere between S rank and D rank. Obviously, the best ones are S rank, but the D rank ones aren’t as bad as you might think. What you should do here is always try to hire as best as you can, but if you aren’t as lucky as you might have thought, that’s fine.

The D staff and C staff can be good until you can afford to hire an A rank or even S rank. This rank only matters towards the customers’ likes, so it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have the best yet at the early levels. All good things come with patience, so keep doing your missions and you might get rewarded with something good!

Do the missions!

The best way to level up fast in My Secret Bistro is to do the missions. They are not hard, and if you are really looking to get those levels quick that’s your best option. You can check the requirements for the missions, and as you can see they aren’t hard!

Do not do the same mistake I did and avoid doing missions,  because unlike in other games, here they are actually well worth it! Once you start completing them, you will level up faster than you thought was possible, while also getting tons of gold and Rubies.

Learn more recipes

Once you have learned a recipe, you can upgrade that up to a certain level. Once you have mastered that recipe, you will get a lot more profit from it and customers will be happy! When you upgrade a recipe, you will also get Rubies, which you can then use for expanding, upgrading, changing your looks or anything that you want.

To deal with the Tri-pizza mania (you have no idea how crazy customers are going for this!), you can later learn a special recipe for some dishes (will cost Rubies, so don’t spend them all on costumes) which, for one hour of work, will give you a batch of 200 (so you can serve your customers 200 times).

Enhance your staff with cool gems and rings

Remember how I mentioned how some staff is better than other? This comes in handy here, where you can upgrade them to make them even better! To do that, you can equip your best staff members (that’s why C and D rank staff aren’t that great in this scenario) with gems and rings which boost their stats.

Since the lower rank staff don’t even have a Gem Slot available, you can only use this for the higher rank ones, as follows:

Rank S Staff: 3 Gem Slots

Rank A Staff: 2 Gem Slots

Rank B Staff: 1 Gem Slot

 Rank C Staff: No Gem Slot

Rank D Staff: No Gem Slot

Buy Gems that you can embed in your characters from the store (but I suggest getting the beauty booster one last -if needed-) and put together the best crew in bistro history!

Buy Income Decor

If you heard about the term good investment, this that’s what Income Decor stands for. Here, you can invest in some decorations that constantly give you Gold after a certain amount of time. That’s a great way of making sure you will never run out of Gold when the times ask for it.

Some of the best decorations that will profit you are the Romantic Tea Time Set, Dutch Coffee Machine and Classic Car (oh, that hot pink one is amazing!). Let’s not forget about all the other thematic decors to fit each holiday!

If you want to invest in some amazing and unique pieces to keep your customers entertained, this is what you should go for (definitely!). It will be worth every coin!

That’s all the My Secret Bistro tips and tricks we have for you guys, if you are a fan of this cute and addictive game and know some more amazing tricks, let us know down in the comments below!


    • If you’re talking about selling the items that you no longer use, you need to go to Furniture > Storage > Go to the item > Click Sell. To upgrade your staff ranks, you need to have enough amount of living flames and coins. Click Staff > Upgrade. To buy a gemstone, go to your ship > click Point Mall.

  1. When i complete a customization it won’t let me get the reward saying i haven’t completed the customization. I’ve got enough points but don’t know why it won’t let me claim the reward.


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