Saddened by the loss of her grandfather, Grace the archaeologist comes home to find that her day is about to get worse: the local museum is closing! Help Grace save the museum and restore it to its former glory in My Museum Story, a match-3 puzzle game adventure! Completing match-3 puzzles to earn stars to help Grace tidy up and revive the forgotten museum. Our My Museum Story cheats and tips will help you save the day!

My Museum Story is similar to games like Gardenscapes, Homescapes, and Family Zoo. If you’ve played those, you know what to expect. If you haven’t, do not fear, our My Museum Story cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide will show you how to become a puzzle pro!

Go for the special pieces!

My Museum Story doesn’t actually feature that many special pieces, which is surprising for a match-3 puzzle game. Whenever you match more than three pieces at a time, you’ll end up with a special piece.

All the special pieces in My Museum Story are bombs – there are no row or column clearers here, just big explosions! The bigger your match, the bigger the bomb will be, so try to go for big matches when possible.

Fill up the rainbow gauge!

At the bottom left corner of the screen you’ll see a rainbow sphere with a gauge around it. Every time you make a match, a little bit of the gauge fills up. The bigger the match the more the gauge will fill. When it fills all the way, a random piece on the board will automatically transform into a rainbow piece.

The rainbow piece will immediately clear all colored pieces of the same piece you match it with. For example, if you match it with a blue scarab, all scarabs currently on the board will be cleared.

The rainbow piece is incredibly helpful for working towards the level goal, so you want to try to get one as soon as you can. Going off of the first tip, this further emphasizes how important it is to go for the special pieces. If you get off big bomb explosions, you’ll charge up the rainbow gauge a lot.

Always work towards your objective!

Each level has a specific objective you must fulfill to complete it. Early on you’ll breeze on by, as per the norm for these kinds of games, but be careful – My Museum Story gets pretty challenging pretty quickly!

Eventually you’ll start reaching levels that give you very little moves, so you need to make each one count. Always try to work towards your objective and don’t just match things randomly. Will this match help you score towards your objective? Will it help you land a combo?

Save your Pickaxes for emergencies!

If you’re on the verge of victory and you just need one specific piece to move, you can resort to using a Pickaxe. Pickaxes are consumable items that allow you to immediately match one specific piece on the board.

You have a limited quantity of these and if you run out, you’ll need to spend a ton of coins to buy more. Save them for when you really need them!

That’s all for My Museum Story! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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