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MW2 Error Code 0x887a0005 – How To Fix

MW2 Error Code 0x887a0005 – How To Fix

Surely it can be frustrating whenever you’re playing an intense game such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and suddenly an error code pops and you’re unable to continue playing the game.

Despite its financial success as the franchise’s biggest-selling game ever with more than $1 billion copies sold in 10 days, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 isn’t without its problems. So in this article, we’ll be looking at MW2 Error Code 0x887a0005 – How To Fix.

MW2 Error Code 0x887a0005 – How To Fix

The game has amassed not only hundreds of millions in sales but has also garnered a significant amount of players in these last few days. However, some of these players have reported an error code 0x887a0005 that shows up whenever they open the game.

This error can also happen at any point in the game as well, whether a player is in a match or not. Error codes such as these typically come from having a faulty Graphics Card (GPU). But not to worry as we have a number of ways you can attempt to fix this issue.

First off, players running MSI Afterburner should consider disabling it and see if that works in stopping the error code 0x887a0005 from showing up. Players running GeForce Experience, on the other hand, should try turning off the “Instant Replay” feature. They can do this from the game with the Alt+Z keystroke combination which can also be used to turn on the GeForce overlap.

Repairing your game files is also another possible fix to this issue and you can do this from your Library by right-clicking the game, head to Properties, then Local Files and clicking Verify interfering of game files on Battle.net by clicking the settings icon.

Players should also update their GPU drivers as that might just fix the issue we well. If you’re running updated drivers, consider switching to an older or different version of the driver. And if that doesn’t work, players should check and update their windows to the latest version.

If all of the above methods do not help you in fixing the Error Code 0x887a0005 in CoD MW2, then you should reach out to Activision for support on what to do by explaining the problem to them as best as you can.

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MW2 Error Code 0x887a0005 – How To Fix


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