Murderous Pursuits Guide: Tips & Cheats To Be a Master Assassin

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The mysterious Mr. X has invited you onboard his luxury cruise ship, the HMCS Britannic. Do not be fooled, as this is no vacation getaway! You have been pulled into a lethal game of cat and mouse where it is kill or be killed in Murderous Pursuits, a competitive multiplayer game where players compete to assassinate each other without letting anyone else know!

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Today on Touch Tap Play, we will be going over our Murderous Pursuits tips and tricks guide. We will go over the basics of murdering your quarries like a professional, and we will show you how to do it quietly and discreetly. Let’s get started with our Murderous Pursuits cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to be a master assassin!

Patience is the Name of the Game

Murderous Pursuits is a game about precision, cunning, deception, and most of all patience. Running around like a headless chicken going gung-ho towards your quarries is the quickest way to put you at the bottom of the scoreboard, so let’s not do that!

Instead, remember that all good things come in time. Being patient is the number one most important thing you can do to perform better at the game, so it is best if you train yourself to not always jump at the first opportunity that presents itself.

Be patient, wait for your quarry to get into a favorable position, and then go for the kill. Staying unexposed while taking out your quarry will result in more points. Remember, you are not scored on how fast you kill your quarries – it is how stealthily you do it that matters.

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Understanding Exposure

Your exposure meter is the key to remaining stealthy, and if you neglect it – or ignore it altogether – it will cripple you in the long run.

Moving around will slowly increase your exposure, so make sure to stand in a vignette (the areas marked by dashed lines) as you are traveling to keep it low.

It is better to wait a little bit in vignettes as you pass them, rather than waiting until your exposure meter is almost full then sitting completely still for a longer times. Sitting around for too long makes you an easy and obvious target.

The tutorial teaches you that the exposure meter will reveal your true identity to all nearby players, but it also reduces the amount of points you get from taking out your quarry or successfully stunning your hunter.

It is best to never let your exposure get too high so that it reveals you. Successfully killing your quarry will give you a lot of exposure, so make sure to duck into the nearest vignette.

A professional assassin will never let their exposure meter get the best of them, so keep an eye on it at all times.

How to Get More Points for Kills

You gain points every time you successfully kill your quarry. The amount of points you earn depends on how cleanly you take out your target, and here are the main factors.

Killing your target gets you a base amount of points. Killing your quarry from behind will count as a backstab and award you with more points. Also, killing multiple quarries in a row without getting killed yourself or revealing yourself will activate a kill streak bonus.

You will be penalized if you are exposed. The longer you are exposed, the bigger the penalty will be, so make sure not to blow your cover when you are going in for the kill.

Quarry kills are worth a lot less when you are exposed, and sloppy killing can really do a number on your score in the long run, so try to keep your kills clean.

Which Blockbuster Cards & Abilities are the Best?

Blockbuster Cards

Blockbuster cards are powerful cards that provide passive abilities for your character. However, each card only works on two specific characters, so make sure you look at the characters on the cards to see who is compatible.

The Endurance card affects Doreen and Dodge. This card gives you more stamina, allowing you to run for longer distances. Running is not really that helpful and it exposes you very quickly, so this card is not particularly useful.

The Prudence card affects Raja and Tara. This card decreases the amount of exposure you accumulate as you walk around. Anything that reduces your exposure gain is always helpful, so equip this card if you can as it is one of the best options.

The Vigilance card affects Charles and Elizabeth. This card increases your detection accuracy, making it easier to zero in on the correct target. This card is situational, and can help in some instances, but there are better options.

The Concealment card affects Doreen and Tara. This works exactly like the Disguise ability, which turns your character into a random character temporarily. This card is great for throwing off a hunter who is getting too close for comfort.

The Accelerate card affects Dodge and Yuriko. This slightly increases your movement speed. This card is generally useful, so throw it in your deck if you have a spot.

The Evade card affects Elizabeth and Ivan. This card reduces the time you are frozen when a guard catches you doing something suspicious. This card is generally not recommended, as you should not be getting caught in the first place.

The Dexterity card affects Charles and Yuriko. This card allows you to immediately open chests without having to wait. Generally useful, but equip it only if you do not have any other cards.

The Agility card affects Raja and Ivan. This card reduces exposure gain when you are running. Theoretically Raja can cover all of movement options if he equips this and the Prudence card, but honestly running should not be used that much anyways.

Each character also has their own unique card that only they can equip. These cards offer situational bonuses, but some of them – most notably Elizabeth’s, Ivan’s, and Tara’s – can be very strong. Experiment with them and see if they fit your playstyle!


You can equip up to four abilities (once you are high enough level) to use in a match. You start the game out with two of the four random abilities, and they get shuffled every time you are killed by a hunter.

Humiliate gets you bonus points after landing a kill. This is a pretty good card if you are confident enough to get lots of kills, but just be careful as it makes you stick out like a sore thumb.

Reveal is your basic starting ability and it is a staple. It scans everyone nearby which lets you zero-in on your target and detect any hunters. Always a useful ability to have!

Disguise will turn your character into a random character temporarily. This can help get the heat off of you from aggressive hunters, so choose this if you feel that you are getting picked off too much.

Counter will make you temporarily enter a stance where you will counter any quarry or hunter that tries to attack you. You can use this to trick a hunter or quarry into going after you if you suspect that they know what you are up to.

Just be careful, as you get a very noticeable blue glow around you when you activate it, so keen-eyed players will stay away from you if you activate it too early.

Stealth will make you drop a doppelganger while you turn invisible. You can make some crafty getaways with this ability, and you might even make a hunter accidentally reveal themselves. A rather tricky ability to use, but it can get very powerful!

Purify removes debuffs and increases you and nearby allies’ movement speed. Extremely situational, so this one cannot get out general recommendation.

Mad Laugh will expose nearby players over time. If you like to play aggressively, you can use this to force your opponents to retreat to cover their exposure, or act rashly.

Clone creates a copy of your character that automatically moves forward in the direction you were moving in. Gains much more useful when upgraded, as it will create multiple copies.

Chaos will inflict two nearby players with reversed controls. Pretty situational but it can throw off a hunter, but keep in mind that it can be removed with Purify.

Trickster will turn nearby NPCs into your character. If you are standing in a vignette with a lot of people in it, using this will surely throw off any would-be hunters. Just be careful if they are using Reveal.

Disrupt will scramble the HUD of other players around you, which will severely hinder their tracking ability. Good for throwing off hunters and quarry.

Chest Abilities

There are special abilities that can only be acquired from the treasure chests that spawn during a match, marked with a question mark. You have to give yourself away to open these chests, but they are usually worth the risk!

God’s Eye will reveal both your quarry and hunter no matter where they are for a few seconds. This is a very powerful ability, so use it when you need some guidance on your target.

Immunity renders you completely invincible. Use this is at exactly the right moment and you can deny a hunter!

Flash will blind and stun every player around you momentarily. Use this to make a great escape if you feel your hunter is nearby.

Pie Bomb is a very strong item, as it is basically a trap. Pie Bombs explode when hunters walk near it, which will actually take them out on the spot!

Eyes and Ears Open!

At the end of the day, Murderous Pursuits is a game about deduction and awareness. Even if all of your abilities are on cooldown… even if you have no special treasure ability to fall back on… you can still hunt your quarry and stun your hunter.

All you need is a good eye.

Remember: patience is the name of the game. Following your radar to locate your quarry, then get close to them but do not immediately advance, as they will be alerted to your presence. Instead, work your way through crowds, try to blend in, and make yourself less obvious.

This goes for hunters too. A good hunter will know not to walk straight up to you and try to get you, so they will opt to sneak around and dance around you until you least expect them. Keep your head on a swivel and stay on the move until you can reliably pinpoint your hunter. If you really need to, you can always run away but remember that will make you a bigger target.

The point is, not even the craftiest of tricks can beat your own eyes and ears. Stay alert and no hunter should be get the drop on you. Best of luck out there!

That’s all for Murderous Pursuits. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Murderous Pursuits Guide: Tips & Cheats To Be a Master Assassin

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