Augmented Reality games are getting bigger with each passing day, now that VR technology is becoming more common. We are excited to see what kind of new games developers can come up with, and today a new one has been announced: Flippy Friends AR!

In Flippy Friends AR, players will take control of a funny looking animal. Upon activating your device’s camera, fruit will appear all around you in the real world! You have to smash them all with the help of your animal partner, so flip it and try to land on the fruits!

The better you do, the more animal friends you can unlock! There are tons of wacky animals to collect, including dragons, narwhals, and even guitar wielding rockstars? There is no end to the silliness here, so have at it!

Using local wireless, you can enjoy Flippy Friends AR‘s multiplayer mode with up to four nearby friends. It is a blast to see all of the animals flying through the air! Compete to see who can smash the most fruits, and battle for the top score!

Flippy Friends AR brings the goofy AR gameplay to the App Store for free on January 31!


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