Surely no game is more lavishly and frequently updated than MU Origin. Just a couple of months ago the game hits its milestone 4.0 version, and we’re already onto MU Origin 5.0.

In case you haven’t played it yet, MU Origin is a mobile open world MMORPG from Korean behemoth Webzen which has earned acclaim and millions of downloads thanks to its compelling gameplay and stunning 3D visuals.

Dropping just in time for Christmas, the 5.0 update adds a ton of new features and tweaks to the already bulging game world.

First up, there’s Immortal Shield. Available after completing Fracture in the main quest at Rebirth 10 Level 20, Immortal Shield is a hugely powerful upgradable shield that protects you from enemy attacks.

Then there’s Pet Awake, which opens up after you complete Seeking Peace in the main quest, again at Rebirth 10 Level 20. There are three types of Pet Awake: Light, Frost, and Fog. They’re all upgradable using the corresponding Essences, and they all enhance your pet’s elemental abilities.

Next up there’s Force War, a massive PvP capture the flag event that runs every Saturday night, with registration open from 1900 to 1930.

Force War takes place across numerous battlefields, including High Castle, Verdie, Platina, Blackfire and Icy Castle, and you can choose which one to fight in. There are seven capture points in each battlefield, and the winning side is the one that managed to hold onto the most territory for the longest.

You get ranking points and various rewards for killing other players and taking flags, and the force that wins the most rounds gets exclusive access to a special in-game shop.

MU Origin also comes with a new all-server area for Rebirth 15, called Grim Cave, and a new ritual event called Ritual of Earth. The event is running now, and you can join by heading to Special Event > Ritual.

On top of all that there are numerous fixes and tweaks, from improvements to the chat system to new achievements.

MU Origin is available for free on Google Play and the App Store right now.


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