MU Origin 2 Arena (PvP) Guide

MU Origin 2 Arena (PvP) Guide

The most interesting thing in MU Origin 2 is the battles with other players (PvP). You will constantly face this. It doesn’t matter which mode you play: various daily events, dungeons, or just hunting zones. Therefore, you need to always be ready. Get ready to fight the enemy at any moment, because for the development of your character, you cannot do without a couple of battles.

In addition to the fact that you can meet the enemy in daily events and in other game modes, there is also the option to challenge your enemies. You will have access to 1vs1 battles in the Arena. A nice bonus is that while fighting in the Arena, you get into a special rating. There you can see the top players. If you are a F2P player, it will be difficult for you to fight, but that does not mean that it is impossible. To get to the top of the rankings, you have to try your best. The main thing is to know how and what to do for this. In this guide, we tried to tell all the tricks of the Arena and share tips on how to get to the top of the ranking in MU Origin 2. If you are interested, then keep reading.

How Does Arena Work in MU Origin 2?

As a rule, battles in the Arena do not take place in real-time, that is, you are fighting against an opponent who has already finished his battle earlier. Simply put, you are fighting against a previously recorded battle. This gives you a definite advantage.

The system is set up there so that you will never fight with an enemy with less CP than your character. The game automatically creates a list of your opponents, thereby reducing the chances of fighting weaker or stronger opponents. Over time, the list will change depending on the level of your character. Therefore, you have to defeat all your rivals.

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In such matches, as a rule, most of the players win. So don’t worry too much. Our advice is to rely on manual controls only. As long as your CP level has not dropped below the level of your opponent, you have every chance of winning. 

Next, we’ll look at some tips on how to fight in the Arena. But we will start with preparation, namely with what needs to be done before the start of the battle.

Increase Your Level and CP in the Game

At the very beginning, it will be difficult for you to fight in the Arena since the CP gap between you and your rivals can sometimes be very significant. Of course, you shouldn’t give up. But be prepared that if your opponent’s CP level is twice yours, then your chances of winning are sharply reduced.

You should not immediately leave the game and be upset that it is simply impossible to win. After all, PvP is an essential part of any game. If you do not fight this opponent in the Arena, then most likely you will meet him in another game mode. In order for you to have a chance to win, you need to level up your character and CP as quickly as possible.

To level up your character fast in MU Origin 2, you should complete all daily tasks, improve your wings, level up your pets and mounts, increase the rank of emblems and artifacts, and most importantly, improve your equipment.

As soon as you have the resources you need to improve your equipment, use them. Stronger weapons will crush any opponent, and powerful armor will make your character invincible on the battlefield.

Preparing for Victory

There are several ways to get good gear in MU Origin 2. To get a quick boost in CP, you can try the following:

  • When participating in dungeons, choose Hell mode. This will give you a higher chance of getting legendary gear.
  • Play Devil’s Square. Take part in the boss hunt and try to deliver the final blow.
  • Improve your equipment constantly. Especially when you have enough resources to do it.
  • Use the best gems for your rank 4+ gear.

Most of these points will take a lot of time and resources. Especially it will take more time for F2P players.

Tips to Win Arena

Remember that even with small chances of winning, in the Arena you are fighting against the recording of the battle. And the recording does not always work as it should. Simply put, all your opponent will do is make random attacks and use random skills against you. It will happen unless another player has tuned his skills specifically for battles in the Arena, which happens quite rarely.

For example, an Archer can use healing and summoning. These skills and the ability to dodge are some of the strongest skills of this class, but they will rarely be used by an enemy archer at the moment of battle in the Arena. The only way to take advantage of these skills is not to switch to automatic controls.

In addition, you can time your attacks and enemy attacks to avoid heavy damage. Do not forget that it is not worth standing still during the battle. You can get hurt by massive attacks. Thus, you can avoid not only massive attacks but also some enemy attacks. If your HP level is very low, then try to dodge and constantly move from enemy attacks. This will help you recover your HP faster. 

Also, don’t drive yourself into a corner. It can be very painful. Especially when your opponent’s attack level is much higher than yours.

Basically, that’s all you need to know about Arena battles. In three words, it looks something like this: dodge, attack, heal. The best player is not necessarily the one with the highest CP. Therefore, never despair and give up right away. You have every chance of winning.

These are all our arena tips! Do you have any other recommendations? Write them in the comments section below.

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MU Origin 2 Arena (PvP) Guide


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