Mr. Crab is back in the appropriately named Mr. Crab 2! In this riveting sequel, Mr. Crab is joined by some friends on his quest to rescue all of the lost baby crabs. It retain the same one-touch platforming gameplay as the first game, but now there are all sorts of new obstacles for you and Mr. Crab to overcome. We’ll help you get through this crabby adventure with our Mr. Crab 2 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Do some rotations!


So, in Mr. Crab 2, the levels are structured like towers or skyscrapers, and the exit is usually somewhere near the top of the level. You do a lot of ascending but at the same time the developers love to hide baby crabs in little nooks and crannies that sometimes you’ll pass right up. Before you make big jumps to continue climbing the tower, try circling the entire tower once to get a full view of your environment. Most of the time, if you end up missing a baby crab somewhere, it’s because you ascended too high before taking a look around.

2. Collect the stars!

This may sound obvious, but you should try to grab as many stars as you can. This game actually locks most of its levels behind a paywall, meaning that you can only progress through a certain amount of the game before you have to pay to play the rest. Thankfully though, you can get new levels from the vending machine, which takes – you guessed it – stars! It’s 500 stars per draw, so get to collecting! It’s worth noting that the bigger stars give you two stars instead of the one, so playing the medium Wilderness levels is a good way to get stars.

3. Rescue the babies!

Rescuing the baby crabs not only makes you feel like a hero, but you also unlock additional characters to play as! Each level has a certain amount of lost baby crabs, and you can check how many you have and how many are left in the little crab silhouettes at the top of the screen. If you see you’re at the end of a level and you’ve missed a baby or two, try backtracking as far as you can!

4. Watch the crab’s eyes!

When you’re controlling your crab, you’ll quickly learn that your crab will continue moving in one direction until it comes across a wall, at which point it’ll turn around and start moving the opposite direction. Some levels have mechanisms that swing your crab around, and sometimes you might lose track of where your crab is going. Keep an “eye” on your crab’s eyes! Your crab will always be looking in the direction it’s going to move, which is incredible useful if you’re coming off of one of those sticky wheels or swings.

5. Look for the mechanisms!

As mentioned above, levels will have certain mechanisms that allow to move around the level quickly. You’ll run into bounce pads, gates, sticky wheels, and more! If you see one of these mechanisms, try following it to see where it leads. More often than not, they will lead you straight to a baby crab!

That’s all for Mr. Crab 2. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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