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Mortal Kombat Mobile: All Challenge Characters

Mortal Kombat Mobile: All Challenge Characters
Mortal Kombat Mobile

If you’re a true Mortal Kombat enthusiast, then undoubtedly you’re already familiar with Challenge mode in the game. For unaware, Challenge mode is a regularly held event in which players must defeat 63 battles in a week to win various rewards.

To battle in the Challenge mode, Mortal Kombat Mobile features a wide variety of characters designed explicitly for this particular mode. These characters can usually be obtained via Challenge Pack which costs around 300 souls. Moreover, the list of characters keeps expanding over time, and the players can witness new ones with every new challenge week.

The following Challenge characters are currently present in Mortal Kombat Mobile:

  • Raiden/Thunder God
  • Liu Kang/Flaming Fists
  • Mileena/Piercing
  • Jax Briggs/Heavy Weapons
  • Sonya Blade/Kold War (Not available anymore)
  • Erron Black/Gunslinger
  • Jason Voorhees/Unstoppable
  • Kenshi/Ronin (Not available anymore)
  • Raiden/Dark
  • Kung Lao/Revenant (Not available anymore)
  • Kitana/Dark Empress (Not available anymore)
  • Johnny Cage/Undead Hunter (Not available anymore)
  • Reptile/Kraken
  • Shinnok/Bone Shaper
  • Kotal Kahn/Dark Lord
  • Kung Jin/Marksman
  • Kano/Klassic
  • Jacqui Briggs/High Tech
  • Scorpion/Kold War (Not available anymore)
  • Triborg/Cyrax (LK-4D4)
  • Triborg/Smoke (LK-7T2)
  • Triborg/Sektor (LK-9T9)
  • Ermac/Pharaoh
  • Kitana/Day of the Dead (Not available anymore)
  • Freddy Krueger/Nightmare (Not available anymore)
  • Sub-Zero/Kold War (Not available anymore)
  • Sonya Blade/Klassic
  • Kenshi/Elder God
  • Quan Chi/Tournament (Not available anymore)
  • Triborg/Sub-Zero (LK-520)
  • Baraka/Scourge
  • Tanya/Treacherous
  • Jade/Assassin (Not available anymore)
  • Takeda/Shirai Ryu
  • Shinnok/Vengeful
  • Goro/Tigrar Fury
  • Tremor/Aftershock
  • Cassie Cage/Punk (Not available anymore)
  • Jacqui Briggs/Kosplay
  • Bo’ Rai Cho/Dragon Breath
  • Scorpion/Hanzo Hasashi
  • Kintaro/Shokan Warrior
  • Kung Lao/Shaolin Fist
  • Johnny Cage/Kombat Cup
  • Sonya Blade/Kombat Cup
  • Ermac/Klassic
  • Kitana/Ronin (Not available anymore)
  • Takeda/Ronin (Not available anymore)
  • Leatherface/Pretty Lady (Not available anymore)
  • Erron Black/Day of the Dead (Not available anymore)
  • Jade/Day of the Dead (Not available anymore)
  • Mileena/Vampiress
  • Mileena/Klassic
  • D’Vorah/Venomous
  • Kitana/Mournful
  • Jade/MK11 (Not available anymore)
  • Raiden/MK11 (Not available anymore)
  • Kabal/MK11 (Not available anymore)

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Mortal Kombat Mobile: All Challenge Characters


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