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Moonlight Peaks Release Date | What Platforms Will It Be Available On?

With a demo out there, you might be wondering when Moonlight Peaks releases, and in what platforms. Here is all we know so far.

Moonlight Peaks is a highly-anticipated game, which is no wonder. It’s supposed to be like Stardew Valley but with a vampire theme—what’s not to like? The real question, though, is when is Moonlight Peaks releasing, and for which platforms?

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As is often the case with upcoming releases, the internet is teeming with speculation about release dates and platforms. Fortunately, we have a clear answer to ease your mind. A word of caution, though: the Moonlight Peaks release date might not be what you expect (or hope for).

When is Moonlight Peaks coming out?

To get right to the point, Moonlight Peaks most likely won’t be released anytime in 2023. This info comes from the game’s official Discord FAQ page, so it’s pretty reliable. It’s worth noting that the FAQ page was written in June 2023, so there could be room for surprises by the end of the year. However, we wouldn’t hold our breath.

So far, a demo was released on October 26, followed by a live stream. If you’re up for building some more hype for the game, the demo is still available on the game’s Steam page. When it comes to the full version, though, it seems like you must wait a little longer for it to come out.

Will Moonlight Peaks be available on all platforms?

Image by Little Chicken (Instagram)

So far, the game’s developers at Little Chicken have only confirmed a release on Steam. There are hopes that Moonlight Peaks could also hit Nintendo Switch, but nothing has been confirmed on that front. In other words, chances are the game will only be available for PC users, Windows in particular, on release.

With the demo being released, it undoubtedly contributes to more nuanced development. Little Chicken is receiving regular feedback from demo players, which may shape the future of the game. In that regard, sheer public interest could help the game break onto other platforms.

Still, note that the only confirmed version of Moonlight Peaks so far is for Windows. If we are lucky, the game won’t remain limited to only one platform, but that’s a matter for the future.


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Moonlight Peaks Release Date | What Platforms Will It Be Available On?