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If you need to take a pause on your hectic daily life or are just biding your time waiting for your doctor’s appointment, publisher Moonton has the game for you. Mobile Legends: Adventure is the perfect game to slap on to alleviate the wait while also offering a ton of content for fans of the Mobile Legends series to dig into. Only requiring just a few minutes each day to complete some simple daily quests, you may find yourself clamoring for more as you get sucked into the hero collection system and breezy RPG mechanics that get straight to the action.

Based on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, MLA is an idle RPG that only requires a few minutes a day to make progress. Featuring a cast of characters that are eclectic and colorful, you’ll level up your heroes to defeat stronger foes and get a chance at unlocking even better heroes to help you in the future. When you’re not playing, your heroes will continue to accumulate experience and loot so you can jump back into the action without the need for grinding. 

The title features more than 100 different heroes with alternate costumes and unique animations for ultimate attacks. As you make progress through each chapter, you’ll learn more about these characters and the diverse backgrounds they come from.

The RPG battle system features an auto-battle option with the ability to skip low-level fights and speed up regular battles, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a braindead game. Mobile Legends: Adventure works on team composition, requiring you to select heroes that complement each other with different skills. Heroes are split into five distinct classes: Tank, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, and Support. Mixing and matching these archetypes based on your opponents’ team will ensure you come out victorious.

Heroes are summoned by using diamonds, a currency players can gain by completing quests, sending heroes on bounty hunts, or participating in limited-time events. You can also purchase diamonds through the Google Play or App Stores for different fees. Once in your possession, you can level up heroes by using resources obtained in battle, through daily quests, or by idle time when busy with other games or applications.

While not tangling with foes, players will find themselves exploring various dungeons to obtain new loot and items. When inside of dungeons, special events may be triggered that can summon a bunch of enemies or grant you extra loot. There will also be mazes you’ll need to navigate, though you’ll have a limited amount of Soul Energy available to make your way through each labyrinth.

There’s a lot to discover in Mobile Legends: Adventure that doesn’t require a ton of time to find, making it an excellent choice for when you need to kill some time. Available for free on both the Google Play and Apple App stores, there’s no better time than now to get sucked into the mayhem and fun that is Mobile Legends: Adventure.

You can download Mobile Legends: Adventure by visiting this link.

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Mobile Legends: Adventure, a non-grindy idle RPG perfect for biding your time


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