Monster Hunter Rise

Palicos in Monster Hunter Rise provide different help to hunters depending on their Assist Type. While they all provide excellent help, how useful it actually is depends on the situation and on the player’s skill level: less experienced players may need more help healing, while advanced players who can take care of that by themselves, would do better in picking another type of Palico, such as the Bombardier Palico.


The Bombardier Palico is 100% geared towards offense, even more so than the Fight Palico, whose Equipped Moves also provide buffs to the hunters. The Bombardier Palico doesn’t buff anything or anyone: it sets up bombs that can take down smaller monsters in a single hit and damage bigger monsters quite a bit. The complete lack of supportive capabilities, however, makes the Bombardier Palico a good choice only for advanced players who have the game mechanics down.

Equipped Moves

The Bombardier Palico is all about setting up bombs to destroy monsters, and the Equipped moves learned at level 1,5,10,15,20 reflect this fully.

Felyne Wyvernblast – Fires Palico-sized Wyvernblast shells at monsters, triggering explosions when they strike.
Zap Blast Spinner – Unleashes a horde of top-shaped bombs that track monsters.
Anti-Monster – Mine Places a mine that explodes when tripped by a large monster, sometimes also staggering them.
Flash Bombay – Sets a bomb that flies into the air and emits a bright flash.
Giga Barrel Bombay – Rushes at a foe with a Giga Barrel Bomb.

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