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Monster Hunter Now best Hammer builds

Monster Hunter Now best Hammer builds
Image via Niantic / Capcom
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Hammer bros unite! The Hammer is back in Monster Hunter Now, and it’s still as powerful as ever, striking a nice balance between speed and raw strength. Here are some of the best Hammer builds in Monster Hunter Now.

The best Hammer builds in Monster Hunter Now

The Hammer is an impressive in-between weapon, boasting decent speed and powerful attacks. We’ll start off with a list of recommended skills. If you prefer to assemble your own armor sets, here are some good skills suited for Hammer:

  • Focus: Speeds up charging time for charge attacks, letting you get more hits in.
  • Slugger: Deal bonus stun damage when attacking the head, which you should always aim for.

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Here are universally good skills that are great with any weapon:

  • Artful Dodger: Makes it easier to perform perfect evades.
  • Attack Boost: Increase attack.
  • Concentration: Speeds up Special Skill gauge fill rate.
  • Critical Eye: Increases affinity.
  • Defense Boost: Increases defense.
  • Divine Blessing: Chance to reduce incoming damage.
  • Earplugs: Reduces the effect of monster roars.
  • Evade Extender: Increases evade distance.
  • Lock On: Focuses the camera on selected monster parts, making it easier to hit them.
  • Partbreaker: Makes it easier to break monster parts.
  • Weakness Exploit: Increases affinity when attacking monster weak points.

If you need some ideas or just want to copy some builds, here are some of the best Hammer builds we’ve seen so far.

Screenshot via Monster Hunter Now YouTube

Head stunner build

Head: Kulu HeadpieceLock On, Critical Eye
Chest: Diablos MailSlugger, Heroics
Arms: Rathalos VambracesFire Resistance, Attack Boost
Waist: Kulu CoilLast Stand, Evade Extender
Legs: Diablos GreavesSlugger Lv. 2, Partbreaker Lv. 2

This build nets you Slugger level 3, which increases the amount of stun damage you deal when attacking the monster’s head. You can stun monsters very easily with this build, letting you get some free hits in. With Lock On, you should be able to stay on a monster’s head easily, and Partbreaker can help break it as well. Evade Extender gives you a little extra room to breathe.

Charge attack build

Head: Pukei HoodFocus, Health Boost Lv. 2
Chest: Pukei MailPoison Resist, Focus
Arms: Kadachi VambracesEvade Extender Lv. 2, Artful Dodger
Waist: Rathalos CoilFocus, Fire Attack
Legs: Jyura GreavesFocus Lv. 2, Last Stand

This is a Hammer build for those who love the charge attacks, as it is centered around getting Focus level 5. You can throw out lots of super pounds thanks to the fast charging speed! The Kadachi Vambraces can help you out when you need to weave through monster attacks.

What are some of your favorite armor pieces to use with the Hammer? Let us know in the comments below!

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Monster Hunter Now best Hammer builds