Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Every time a new iOS version gets released, several games stop working correctly. Developers often try to update their games as soon as possible but there are times when they don’t due to a variety of reasons. The latter is what is apparently happening with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Earlier today the Japanese company has updated the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite iTunes page. The game is not compatible with iOS 9 and Capcom currently has no plans to update the game.

“This application is not compatible with iOS 9 (including the Beta). There are currently no plans to update this application in the future. Please keep this in mind when updating your OS.”

The fact that Capcom has no plans to update Monster Hunter Freedom Unite doesn’t mean that the game won’t be ever updated. The game is one of the more popular iOS games in all regions so it really wouldn’t make any sense for Capcom to leave it uncompatible with iOS 9.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is now available for purchase on the App Store. The game is currently not compatible with iOS 9 so avoid upgrading if you want to purchase the game in the near future.



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