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Monopoly GO!: How To Get More Free Rolls

Monopoly GO!: How To Get More Free Rolls
Image via Monopoly GO Facebook Page
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Learn how to get free dice rolls in Monopoly GO! with these tips ‘n tricks to keep playing this mobile game endlessly.

Image via Monopoly GO! Facebook Page

The widespread game Monopoly GO! brings the iconic board game to life on iOS and Android devices. Like the classic board game, players roll dice to move around the virtual Monopoly city. But running out of dice rolls can cut the fun quick. Fortunately, plenty of creative ways exist to achieve free dice rolls and keep playing. In this article, we will learn how to get free dice rolls in Monopoly GO! with these tricks ‘n tips to keep playing the game endlessly.

How to Get Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO!

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We will present the best ways to secure free dice rolls in Monopoly Go. So, without any further due, let’s swoop right into it.

1. Snatch Rolls from Official Social Giveaways

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The developers at Scopely occasionally run dice roll giveaways on their official Monopoly GO! social media profiles. Follow their Facebook, TikTok, X, Instagram profiles, and Discord channel to try winning rolls when these limited-time rounds pop up. It takes luck and good timing to catch these giveaways, but social media is a direct source for landing free dice.

2. Level Up for Prizes

Only playing Monopoly GO! regularly can unlock free dice rolls. Here’s how it works:

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  • At the start, players get one free roll every five minutes, up to 30 times. This max roll limit increases as your account levels up over days and weeks of play.
  • When your overall net worth increases by upgrading properties and buildings, you’re rewarded with free dice rolls. Focus on boosting your net worth to keep the free rolls flowing.
  • Extend play sessions out longer to take advantage of the free five-minute rolls. The more you play, the faster you’ll level up and increase that handy roll timer.

3. Bring In Mates for Bonus Rolls

Linking with friends in Monopoly GO! is mutually valuable for scoring free dice rolls.

Image via Monopoly GO! Facebook Page
  • Linking your Facebook account when you start playing gets you 25 instant rolls.
  • Inviting friends from social media or contacts to play earns 25-30 rolls per accepted invite.
  • Even sharing your unique game referral link on social media or forums can rack up free rolls when people use it.

Friends make Monopoly GO! more fun and profitable!

4. Collect Daily Login Bonuses

Monopoly GO! rewards loyal players who log in daily with some sweet bonuses:

Image via Monopoly GO! Facebook Page
  • Check in each day to claim minor goodies like coins and aids.
  • Keep your login streak to get a significant juicy reward on day seven. Free dice are continually part of the mix!
  • Constant play also progresses player levels faster, raising the limit for free timed rolls.

5. Knock Out Quick Challenges

Hopping on daily at Monopoly GO! also lets you take a shot at limited quick challenges. Completing these bite-sized objectives awards rewards like resources, cash, and free dice rolls!

  • Each quick challenge finished gets you closer to the weekly jackpot prize.
  • This grand prize resets weekly and typically packs a massive stack of 50-100 free dice rolls.

6. Strategize with Dice Multipliers

Next to the roll button is a multiplier option for 2-5 rolls simultaneously. This boosts prizes but risks losing more rolls on a jinxed move. However, scoring that big prize pays back way more rolls than you put in.
The multiplier is excellent for rolling free dice from other sources. Pair free rolls with the 2x or 5x multipliers to cash in!


Image via Monopoly GO! Facebook Page

With plenty of avenues to earn or win free dice rolls, Monopoly GO! players can enjoy a genuine board game experience without paying real money. Keep collecting properties, building up your virtual fortune, and connecting with friends for unlimited rolls.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide explaining How To Get More Free Rolls in Monopoly GO! You have either got to be really devoted or really lucky! For more Monopoly GO! help, visit our related section for other Monopoly GO! Tips’ n Tricks.

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