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Moe! Ninja Girls RPG Guide: Cheats & Tips to Play Better & Unlock All Girls

Moe! Ninja Girls RPG Guide: Cheats & Tips to Play Better & Unlock All Girls
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Moe! Ninja Girls is a charming mobile RPG with an incredibly in-depth story and a visual appeal that few games manage to match. But today, we’re here to talk strategy in our Moe Ninja Girls guide filled with tips and cheats that will help you play a better game.

From better understanding the game’s mechanics to learning some more advanced strategies, including how to unlock new girls and create a perfect team, we’ve got you covered in today’s article.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead, let’s dive right into the Moe! Ninja Girls RPG tips and tricks below!

Understanding Characters & Outfits

The game is not very beginner-friendly, as it has some mechanics that are not present in other games, which take a bit to get adjusted to. But fortunately, it shouldn’t take long to understand how things work in the game.

The most confusing part are the Girls / Characters and how they work. You actually have a limited number of girls that you can unlock (15 of them at the moment of writing), but each can wear a different Outfit which completely changes her stats and even element in the game.

For example, Kikuko can have the basic Ninja Garb outfit, or the Yukata outfit. The first is a basic, 1-star Outfit of the Nature element, while the second is a 2-star Fire Outfit with a two star rating.

And it is actually these Outfits that count: each outfit stands, in gameplay terms, for one character. The trick comes from the fact that, despite the fact that each Outfit is different and treated individually, with completely different stats, you can’t have the same character with different outfits in a formation.

In other words, using the example above, in your formation you can’t have Kikuko in Ninja Garb and Kikuko in Yukata.

This seems a bit complicated and confusing at first, because we are used to having tens of different characters in our games and not just a bunch with different outfits, but once you understand how things work, it’s actually very easy to follow.

Create Outfits & Ninja Tools

There are two different things that you can create in the game, both of them using one extremely difficult to get type of equipment: Creation Manuals. These two things are Outfits (new characters) and Ninja Tools (weapons/accessories).

Out of these two, Outfits are by far the most important, because these are basically the playable characters that you can take into battle. They come with an attached star rating and you want the rarest available in order to get the strongest possible team.

Ninja Tools are important as well, because they can be equipped by various characters and they do offer solid boosts to each outfit’s stats, but they are not as important as the Outfits themselves. Especially early on when you don’t have a lot of high quality characters to choose from.

So, when deciding between creating Outfits and Ninja Tools, always choose the former. Also take advantage here of the fact that each day you can watch a video ad to work on an Outfit for free: this should indeed be done daily!

Mend & Upgrade Equipment

If you thought that the complexity of Moe! Ninja Girls ends after the first two tips, you were wrong! There are many more features that you should micromanage and take into account when playing.

One of these is the upgrading of your characters (Outfits) and items (Weapons and Acessories). Each of these can be leveled up and the higher their level, the better the stats or stat boosts they offer.

Therefore, make sure to constantly invest excess materials into your highest quality Outfits and Items. Spend the upgrade materials first and the Outfits or Items second, having in mind two things:

  • When it comes to outfits, having multiples of the same type doesn’t give you any advantage: start by consuming these, since they are worthless in the game.
  • When it comes to items (weapons and accessories), you shouldn’t hurry to sacrifice excess ones: make sure that you are left with enough after using them as materials, otherwise you won’t be able to equip all your characters.

Remember that each Outfit can equip a different type of weapon, so you need variety here and a close management of all items you own!

Finally, we have the Mending part of the game which is going to become a nuissance sooner rather than later. This means that you have to repair the Outfits of the Characters who suffered damage in combat, basically meaning that you have to spend resources and time in order to have them ready to rumble once more.

Because of the time limits, you should plan your game in such a way that you always start Mending outfits when you leave the game, otherwise you won’t be able to use the characters in battle. Just don’t forget to start mending before you quit the game!

Carefully choose characters for Training

There is a plethora of ways for you to increase the level of your characters – battle, upgrading directly or Training them.

Actually, for training, there are various results that you can get – extra materials, extra XP and so on.

But training is similar to Mending: it takes time to complete, so you should plan your training sessions with care. Usually, it’s a great idea to start training your Outfits before leaving the game, beacuse you won’t be able to use in battle Characters that are training.

However, there is a small exception here: if you’re choosing the Outfit or Materials training, you can send your lower star Outfits to do the job. The gains in terms of Outfit Exp and Bond EXP are minimal here, but you will still get the other rewards.

But if you want to go for Bond training (which actually trains both an Outfit’s XP AND its connected character’s Bond), you should definitely only choose your top characters and do this right before logging out of the game.

Get free gems by checking out all Girls’ memories

The Gems are the game’s premium currency and you need as many of those as possible because sooner rather than later you will need them.

And an easy way to get a ton of free Gems is to check the Stories of the main Characters. Just tap the Character tab and select Memories – then go through all available to earn your gems.

This does take your time, but helps you better understand the game’s story and keeps you entertained. In some cases, we also have some very good writing and pop culture references that you will surely appreciate.

Create all custom formations to keep things easy

One thing that you will have to do sooner rather than later is creating as many custom formations as possible. This will save you a ton of time and headaches!

Moe! Ninja Girls is very slow to move from one screen to another and if you have to change formation before each fight, you will go crazy switching between characters and equipping them again.

This is where having various default formations set up comes in handy and saves you a lot of time. So what you want to do is have a formation saved for each type of element: there are 5 different elements in the game and having a formation set up for each is life-saving.

Basically, all you want to do here is to use as many Outfits of a specific element in the same formation, in order to get an advantage when battling enemies of a weaker element.

I usually leave room for the Friend Slot in the starting three, because you will usually have a really high level, high star character available for that spot. And fortunately, even if you already have that Outfit in your formation, you can use it again if it’s a friend’s. Double win for easy battles!

Focus on developing your rarest Girls

Leveling up those Outfits is really tough work as you need a ton of resources or battles won to climb up the ranks. So focus early on on developing your rarest girls available.

The nice thing is that in most battles, especially early on, you won’t have to use more than the starting three girls in your formation. But at the end of the battle, all outfits receive the same amount of XP, no matter if they actively took part in it or not.

This is why you should follow this trick: when creating the custom formations as recommended above, place the two strongest Outfits of the same element in the first two slots, leaving the third starting slot for your Friend’s character.

In the remaining three slots, place high star Outfits that you want to level up. With a bit of micromanagement, you will have a really easy job leveling up your main characters constantly and without the need of excessive grinding (or at least not more than needed).

Complete all quests in an area to keep things simple

In the main quest area, each chapter in the season will have a set of free quests, as well as the main quest.

It’s better to complete all of these one after another simply because it makes it a lot easier to manage your formations and the girls that you use in missions.

The main advantage that you get from this approach is that all quests in an area (the main chapter and the free ones) will have the same type of enemies. So if you optimize your team for defeating a fire team, you will have it optimized for all the quests in that particular mission.

Don’t forget to use Player Skills & Kamuy

You, the player, don’t do much in battles, but you have the option to – especially in the really challening ones where you can use your Player Skills or Kamuy powers. Let’s see what each of these means!

There are three Player Skills can be used at any moment during a battle, and you can even use them one after another if you want to. The Player Skills can either heal your party members, increase their attack or defence.

The only catch is that you need to wait the given number of turns before being allowed to use the same player skill again. But in most cases (except for maybe the healing skill) there’s no real point in not starting the game by activating them.

With the Kamuy Skills, things are a little bit different: they use soul charges to activate and getting these Soul charges back takes some time. By far the most useful here is the one that consumes all three charges, but which revives your entire party.

The Kamuy Skills should be used sparingly and only when really needed, in tough battles.

Add many active players as friends

Adding friends in Moe! Ninja Girls is really important, because you can use their Outfits in battle. This basically means that you can get access to free 5-star characters easily.

So make sure to add friends who have useful characters and place your best Outfits in each category so that your friends can also benefit from your friendship.

Do the daily Quests

Make it a habit to complete the daily missions each day, as that is where you will receive a ton of rewards from, including some otherwise hard to get items.

Completing all the missions daily takes some time, that’s a fact – especially since the game itself is moving so slowly, but it’s the only way to approach the game if you are serious about getting far in it and unlocking all characters and story lines.

Always try to have the elemental advantage in battles

I am getting back to formations a little bit to insist upon the fact that it’s extremely important to strive and have the elemental advantage in battles.

Like many games out there, Moe! Ninja Girls follows a rock, paper, scissors mechanic, meaning that one element is strong against another and weak against a third one.

So do your best to always be on the winning side: it’s easy to know what elements you’re going to face from simply looking at the info before a fight.

In many cases, you will face enemies from a single element, which makes it very easy to use your custom formations… but even for those with mixed elements, take your time to setup the perfect team and make sure to attack the outfits in such a way that you always have the advantage.

Give presents to girls to increase Bond Level

The Bond level that you have in the game doesn’t have much of an influence over the gameplay, but it does help you know the girls better and learn more about them through their stories.

Fortunately, unlike the Outfit Experience which has to be individually increased for each Outfit that you have, the Bond level is easier to manage simply because there are fewer characters in the game.

And one easy way to boost your Bond level with your favorite girls is by offering them Presents from the Communication menu.

However, there is a catch here (there always is in this game): some girls like some particular gifts more than they like others, basically meaning that some gifts give them 1,000 XP points, while others just 500 or 200.

Since these Presents are difficult to get, you obviously want to make sure that you always give a girl her favorite present. And fortunately, we managed to find a really useful list on Reddit which shows you what gifts each girl likes.

Buy Jewels: You’ll need them!

I am an advocate for free to play games (or those who charge you once for al lthe features), but sometimes you hust have to accept that you have to pay some real money if you want to get the most out of the game and Moe! Ninja Girls is one of those games where you love to spend your money.

You put them to good use, too, unlocking the great girls available in the game and helping your character get as far as possible. So if you want to make some purchases, buy some jewels from the store: they will come in handy!

If you do buy, try to set a budget per month and buy once the highest cost package in the shop (based on the budget you have) because the more you spend for a single package, the more gems you get for your dollars.

So instead of making several $1 purchases a month, it’s better for you to make one several dollars purchase once each month.

How to Get Creation manuals and Schematics?

Two of the most important items in the game are Creation Manuals and Schematics, which are required for you to progress and have fun in the game, unlocking all characters along the way.

Of course, this means that they are not easy to get: another reason why you should carefully choose how to use them.

The most common ways to get these very rare materials is to be active in the in game events that take place every now and then, but also to complete the daily missions (you can get two Creation Manuals for free each day this way).

These would be the strategies that we had to share with fellow Moe! Ninja Girls players. If you have additional advice to help others (or any questions) don’t hesitate to let us all know by posting a comment below.

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