I am a huge fan of tower defense games and even though the genre hasn’t improved a lot over the years, I still take on every opportunity I have to check out a new TD title. Module TD by Gyro-Games is the latest that has come to my attention and I am extremely happy I decided to check it out.

Although a bit rough around the edges, Module TD is a very complex and challenging tower defense game set in a sci-fi universe, with hard to beat opponents and multiple potential strategic choices that completely affect the way the game plays out.

In other words, this one’s a TD game for the Pros – for those who don’t shy away from increased difficulties and sometimes trial and error strategies. Especially when all these make you feel a deep sense of accomplishment when you get the three stars for completing a really difficult level!

There are many elements in Module TD that make every and any experience unique. For example, the upgrade system of the towers uses – as the game’s title suggests – modules. You can add them to any towers, switch them as you see fit and create your unique, own towers. There are 31 modules in play and you can imagine that the combinations you can use are endless!

The enemies you will encounter are tough nuts to crack as well, having various powers and making your life miserable whenever they can. The level of challenge is there from the second mission of the game and it only gets better!

Here’s a list of all the in-game features that this awesome game delivers:

• 80+ levels
• Customize towers to fit your immediate needs.
• Plan your defense carefully and adapt to the ever changing battlefield as the level transform itself during the battle
• Vast amount of modular components that can give your tower additional unique effects such as income or splash or critical strike.
• Find ultimate combos as Modules can amplify each other’s performance
• Enemies have strange powers that can weaken and even disable your defenses to give you even more challenge
• Elements – enhance damage against certain enemies
• Change the level layout by building on the path
• 3 different skills that can give you yet another way to customize your defense
• Beautiful graphics

The best part is that, during the otherwise limited time I spent in the game so far, I didn’t consider it even for a second a “pay to win” game or one of those titles that forces you to spend real life money in order to complete levels.

It’s difficult like walking on hot lava, but that’s the point in the end: it’s a game that challenges you and helps you feel rewarded when you finally manage to master a level.

Highly recommended, so head over to your favorite store and download it today: App Store or Google Play.


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