Gameloft has confirmed on its Official Twitter Profile that its first person shooter game Modern Combat 5 will not be released this year.

Technically, the game hasn’t really been “delayed”, considering that the team never revealed a possible release date when announcing the game a few months ago, during the E3.


However many fans of the series will definitely be disappointed in knowing that all their mobile shooting endeavors will be happening sometime next year. 2014 is not too far but still, there’s some waiting to endure.

Modern Combat 5 will feature some new features not seen in the previous entry of the series, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The game, however, will not be a completely different experience but rather an evolution.

The latest trailer released for the game has shown limited building destruction, enhanced lightning, enhanced shadows, additional object physics and many other small improvements.

Modern Combat 5 will not be revolutionary in any way but why fix what is not broken? First Person Shooter enthusiasts and fans of the serues alike will definitely appreciate Gameloft’s latest effort once it finally gets released.

If you have never have played the series but like a good first person shooter to play on the go, you may want to check the older entries of the Modern Combat series: you will not be disappointed.

Modern Combat 5 will be released sometime during 2014 on iOS. We’ll let you know the final release date for the game as soon as Gameloft makes an official announcement.

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