The MOBA Storm Arena has been in development for some time, and the time has come for players to contribute more actively to the game’s development.

Starting today, Storm Arena has launched its global beta test, which allows players all over the world to try out the new 3v3 MOBA and see how it differs from the other games currently on the market.

Storm Arena features, among other things, fast-paced three-minute battles, which are perfect for a mobile game,12 characters, a variety of weapons and skills, and multiple arena locations, which allow a great diversity of gameplay and strategies.

Storm Arena also features some innovative game modes called Bounty Hunter, Turf War, Goal Attack and Pieces of Eight, where eight players compete for the ultimate prize as the last player standing.

Storm Arena beta test is now available worldwide on iOS and Android. You can learn more about the game by checking out its official website. The beta can be downloaded by going here.


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