The sequel to one of the most popular physics-based monster truck racing games is finally here! MMX Hill Dash 2 brings the all terrain racing to new heights with new zones, new trucks, and of course more destruction!

The core gameplay remains largely the same: pick your favorite vehicle and race your way through creative and bumpy tracks featuring all sorts of hazards, hills, jumps, loops, and more.

With an expanded roster of vehicles, driving off-road has never been more fun! Aside from the typical monster trucks, you’ve also got sports cars, ATVs, jeeps, and more! Each car is also customizable with upgrades to improve its speed, grip, stability, and air tilt.

That’s right, air tilt! As per the norm with games in this genre, physics is a huge part of the experience. You’ll need to use momentum to get through some of the trickier courses, and you can also get airbone with enough speed. Utilize your vehicles’ air tilt to fly through the sky and stick the landing!

If you’ve got the need for speed, you can take on the world in online PvP. Race against other players to see who can land the best times. Take on your fiercest rivals and show the world that you’re the master off-roader!

MMX Hill Dash 2 is revved and ready to go, now available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.


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