Bless Mobile

The Bless series may not be a household name yet in the world of MMORPGs, but it has a lot of potential, thanks to a great presentation and solid gameplay mechanics. From today, you will be able to enjoy this great experience on the go thanks to Bless Mobile.

Bless Mobile has been released in Asian territories a while back, and impressions have been quite positive. The game features a nicely detailed presentation, powered by the Unreal Engine 4, and some very interesting combat mechanics that set it apart from other MMORPGs. The game also features everything you’d expect from a decent MMORPG, like PVP modes, farming, trading and an economy system, so it truly has everything it needs to succeed.

To celebrate the game’s worldwide release, the developer is currently hosting 10 in-game events that will only be available for a very short time. These events give out some exclusive rewards upon completion, so make sure to complete them before they are gone.

Bless Mobile is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store worldwide.


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