Parrot Games SL, the studio behind simple puzzle games like Puzzle Life and Dogs Home, are back with something a little different than what they are known for. Ifrit, a top-down MMO action RPG, is now available for early access alpha testing on iOS.

In Ifrit, players explore the world of Ifrit and fight against the forces of evil as they try to take over the land. In order to protect the world, fighters from all across the land must find the ruins of Gaia and attempt to take down Lord Ifrit.

Ifrit plays like a top-down arcade shooter with RPG elements. Players have free control over their character and they can move and shoot while dodging enemy fire. Enemies’ bullet patterns get more complex over time, so the game combines action RPG mechanics with classic arcade shoot ’em ups.

As of writing there is only one class available for play right now and that is the Archer. There is a basic skill system in place, but you can only learn a few skills. The test is more to give players a taste of what is to come.

There are only a few quests and bosses to fight in the alpha right now, but if the concept sounds interesting to you be sure to give it a shot.

Ifrit‘s alpha test is available now on the App Store.



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