We all know how catchy collecting baseball cards can get – and with a mobile game that delivers a fun and relaxing baseball experience from your own home, it couldn’t get better. Well, maybe it could – in today’s article we are going to check out all the latest MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 tips and tricks to help you win more games and become a pro!

There are many players whose cards you can collect, and if you ever thought that a baseball game couldn’t be enjoyed on a mobile device, you’ll see that it’s quite the opposite. MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 is super fun, so here’s every tip that you need to know about the game.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 strategy guide!

Learn when the best time to hit the ball is

In baseball, much like in many other sports, timing is everything. You want to make sure that you are timing your swing perfectly, so that you can hit the ball in the best spot possible. This might be quite difficult at the beginning, but with plenty of training you’ll learn what the sweet spot is for each player.

While aiming is not the main issue here, the biggest obstacle you will encounter is learning when to time your swing. I suggest that you play a few games and understand what I’m talking about here.

Try to stay calm, and only hit the ball when it’s about halfway the distance between the tip of your bat and its total length (if that makes sense). In other words, you want to swing a few times and learn what the total radius is for when you’re swinging. Then, try to find the best possible moment for swinging. Remember that it’s better to be slightly late, than to swing early.

Train your best players

When you head on to the Team menu and then to the Improve tab, you will see a list of all the players you’ve currently collected. At the very start you won’t have a lot of good players, but I strongly suggest that you resist the urge to make any upgrades to players 3* and below, because it will cost a lot of resources.

Instead, be patient and try your best to win with what you’re given. Once you collect some 4* and above players, you can start training them. Of course, some of the best are 5*, but it could be quite time-consuming trying to obtain them.

So, stick to the player cards you have (for start I guess that will be some average ones) and as soon as you get some good ones, start making all the upgrades you can.

Open all the free boxes you get

In the Store menu, if you head on to the Mystery Boxes tab, you will notice a bunch of boxes that you can open or purchase. Make sure you open all the boxes that are available for free (the ones that read Open), because they can give you plenty of good cards. It’s basically a random lotto, but you have a chance to get some good cards in some situations.

If you are prompted with the Watch an ad option at the bottom of the screen (once you’ve opened a box), then you can watch a video for a free reroll. This option is especially useful if you didn’t get the character you want, and as far as I know, this is not an option you’ll get often. So, make the most out of it and use it wisely.

Watch a video to get the Daily Gold Box

This box is super good if you want to start off strong, so I suggest you watch a video to unlock it, because it will be worth it. You can get Gold, which is the premium currency, so it’s always a good way to collect it if you’re a f2p player.

Purchase all the cheap Daily Boxes

Every day you will be able to spend some in-game currency to get some daily boxes containing useful resources. They are worth it, and they are super cheap, so make sure that you buy them every day. You can also reroll them, in case you don’t like the rewards, by watching an ad.

Improve and upgrade your stats

When you start playing, you might not know about this option, but it’s something you should not overlook. In the Team -> Improve -> Upgrades menu you will find some Defense and Offense stats that you can upgrade. You can spend either the in-game currency or Gold for the upgrades, so make sure that you start upgrading these.

I personally like to start with the Offensive ones, and if you are not sure what to start with, you can take a while and figure out your play style, and make these upgrades afterwards.

If you want to get 4* and above players, go for the #1 Pick Multi-Draft

I strongly suggest you don’t spend any of your Gold for anything, unless it’s the #1 Pick Multi-Draft pack. This pack will give you a guaranteed 4* or above player, and it goes for 1500 Gold. You can find it in the Store -> Players -> Draft Picks.

Make sure you save up your Gold for it, because I don’t think there is anything else that’s worth spending your Gold on early on, especially as a f2p player.

Check out the Player Shop regularly

The Player Shop is also located in the Store, and here you will get player cards refreshed regularly, which you can purchase for in-game currency. Make sure you check this option often, because it will give you 4* players that you can purchase early on and use on your team, so it’s definitely something that will help you out.

These would be all the MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 tips and tricks that we have for you right now. Do you want to share additional tips for fellow players? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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