Welcome back pitchers and batters! We’re back with another guide on MLB 9 Innings 17! This time we’ll be talking about the different ways of getting stars and more players of higher rarity. Stars are the premium currency of the game and you’re going to need a lot if you want to chase the rare players, so let’s get started with our MLB 9 Innings 17 Guide on how to get more players!

MLB 9 Innings 17 has a ton of different methods of getting new players, something that usually isn’t present in a game like this. That’s why we’re here with our MLB 9 Innings 17 guide on how to get more bronze, silver, gold, and diamond players!


1. Play Friend Battles!

You’ll need stars – the premium currency of the game – to acquire high rarity players and upgrade them. In Friend Battle mode you can play friendly matches against people on your friends list! The best part is that if you win you will actually earn stars. The amount of stars you can earn from friend battles is capped. It starts capped out at 20 stars, but increases depending on how good your line up is. If your team overall goes over a certain amount, the star cap is increased, so once you get a lot of good players you’ll be able to make some good stars from this mode. Be sure to get your daily amount of stars from Friend Battles.

Not only will you gain stars, but you will also gain Friend Points or FP from playing matches with friends, win or lose. Once you have 2,500 FP you can purchase a Intermediate Pack from the Special Shop. These packs have bronze – gold rarity players in them!

2. Don’t miss the daily checks ins!

We have to stress this – the daily check ins are very important! Not only do you receive free basic, intermediate, and premium player packs, but every six days you’ll earn 50 stars. If you can manage to check in for the entirety of the month, you will receive a free Ultimate Player Pack! You have a high chance of finding gold and diamond rarity players in these packs!

3. Complete the missions!

Every daily you’ll receive three missions under the Challenges menu. These missions will ask you to do a variety of things, from winning a league mode game to buying a player through any means. One of them will always be the “20 Repeatable Missions” challenge where you’ll need to complete 20 of the sub missions. Either way you should always aim to complete all of these, because if you do you will clear the “All Objectives Cleared” challenge at the top of the list. This challenge is worth 30 stars!

4. Ways to get more players!

Now that we’ve gone over the ways of getting stars and free player packs, let’s go over the purchasable options.

  • You can purchase Player Packs directly from the Player Pack Shop. There are three kinds of packs: All Players, All Batters, and All Pitchers. The All Players pack contains silver – diamond batters and pitchers and costs 300 stars. If you’re not looking for a specific player, this is usually the best way to go. The other two contain only their respective types of players and cost 500 stars. If you do plan on buying a pack, you may want to wait until you can afford the 10 purchase option. It costs a whopping 3000 stars but you get another pack for free.
  • You can attempt to sign diamond players using the Free Agent section. This method is pretty risky. You’ll need to spend 300 stars to increase the gauge. When the gauge is full the player is successfully signed and they’ll be added to your roster. However, the gauge fills up at random and you don’t know much your next 300 stars will be worth. If you’re unlucky you might end up spending way more stars than you should here. Unless you’re really wanting a very specific player and know what you’re doing, we don’t recommend using the Free Agent method.
  • You can bid for players in the Auction section. This works exactly how a normal auction house works. The minimum bid is 1000 stars. The Auction section is a bit more reliable for getting specific players, but keep in mind you are at the mercy of other players who may or may not be loaded with stars! Don’t worry too much because if you lose a bid you’ll get most of your stars back. You’ll be charged a 5% commission fee though.
  • You can combine 3-5 players of the same rarity to receive a random player from the tier above. For example if you combine normal players, you’ll end up with a bronze player. There was a reason we kept stressing getting all the free player packs! They are never a waste as you will be getting player fodder to build better players. Just remember that when you’re trying to combine higher rarity players you’ll need to start using the star combine, which as you can tell by the name costs stars to do.

That’s all for now! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks on how to get more rare players, let us know in the comments below!



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