Terra Battle, the latest game directed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, will finally be released on the App Store On October 9th.

As we have reported not too long ago, the game is currently available in soft-launch mode in select territories. Next week, however, players all over the world will be able to enjoy the first free to play role playing game created by the father of one of the more important series of the genre.


Despite being a free to play game, Terra Battle is a really deep and engaging role playing game. The game’s main focus are tactical battles, where players will have to move around a battlefield, get close to the enemies and defeat them.

One feature that could really sink the game is the energy system that’s included in the soft launch mode of the game, which is incredibly limiting, especially in a role playing game such as this. Those who have tried the game will surely have made their disappointment known so let’s hope that the team will remove the system once the game is fully launched.

Terra Battle is now available on the Canadian App Store in soft-launch mode. The game will be released in all regions on October 9th.




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