In today’s article we are going to check out all the Mist Forest tips and tricks that you need to know in order to get stronger and pass more stages. You should be able to find in our Mist Forest guide everything that you need to know about the game, from how to get more Diamonds, to how to progress quickly and more.

I have to admit, this game is not only super fun but also super addictive! All the game levels, characters, and progress feel smooth, the graphics are cool, and you can easily grasp the purpose of what you need to do.

Thus being said, let’s not waste another moment and dive right into the Mist Forest tips and tricks below!

Don’t spend Diamonds on unlocking hero slots

When you just start off in the game, you might notice that you won’t have a lot of slots open to deploy heroes. Well, that can quickly change if you just keep playing. By the time you reach stage 13, you will have 7 hero slots.

I strongly advise you not to waste your Diamonds on unlocking slots, because they will unlock for free once you reach specific levels. Spending Diamonds for this is not worth it, since they can be obtained fairly hard. So, keep them!

Note: When you reach boss stages (like Feather Moon Forest – 25 for example), it might be difficult to kill the boss that constantly heals at the start. However, I suggest that you save some EXP and level up your heroes, and unlock some extra buffs instead of unlocking the extra hero slot for 750 Diamonds.

Use your diamonds on specific permanent buffs

In the Mall -> Feature Mall you will be able to unlock some buffs by spending your Diamonds. Not all of these buffs are worth it at the beginning, so spend your Diamonds on just a few ones, which will help you progress easier.

What buffs to unlock first?

  • Ultimate Skill DMG (first)
  • Ultimate Skill CD (second)

These two are the most important permanent buffs. Once you’ve maxed these out, you can look to upgrade the following skills:

  • Cheats for fighting death (generally good, especially if your characters tend to die a lot)
  • Increase AFK gains (if you AFK a lot)

As for the remaining ones, if you got too many Diamonds and don’t know what to use them on, feel free upgrade the remaining buffs.

Level up only your best heroes

The EXP is fairly limited at the start, and I strongly suggest that you don’t spend it on every hero, especially not on the blue, green, and white ones. They will work as fodder for the better heroes, so don’t waste any resources on them.

Use the extra heroes you get as fodder to upgrade your Epic or Senior (Legendary/ orange) heroes.

Although at the moment there are no archives or collections of heroes (a feature that shows all the available heroes), I can tell you the name of a few heroes that have been pretty great overall, so you can upgrade them regardless.

– Nightingale (purple)
– Becken (purple)
– Anna (purple)
– Ailiya (purple)
– Torun (orange)

These heroes are just as example, since I’ve asked around (a few fellow players) and they’ve all found them to be pretty good heroes overall.

Take advantage of all your Legendary heroes

If you pull any Legendary (orange) heroes, make sure you upgrade them as much as possible. The rates for getting such heroes are low (probably lower than the 2% shown on the rates), so any Legendary heroes will make a great addition to your team.

At the moment, you can recruit heroes in three ways:

– Oracle Scroll summon (with Oracle Scrolls/Diamonds)
– Advanced Oracle Summon (with Advanced Scrolls/Diamonds)
– Specific Draw (with Race Scrolls/Diamonds)

I suggest you don’t waste your Diamonds for any of these summons, because the rates are fairly low and you can get such scrolls guaranteed, in other ways.

Limit break your heroes

Every 20 levels you will be able to limit break the heroes you’ve deployed. That means, with each Limit Break your heroes’ max level will be increased by 20, their attributes will receive a boost, and they’ll get more powerful overall.

To Limit Break them you will need to collect items from Adventure mode (in the Adventure tab), but more about this below. For now, just make sure you upgrade the heroes you will use the most, and try to make them your number 1 priority.

The best way to upgrade them I believe is to bring them all to the same Limit Break point (so first 20, then 40, then 60, and so on), gather items to upgrade all of them, then bring them all to the next point. Just keep in mind that you won’t use all of the heroes, so there’s no point wasting resources on the ones you plan on switching out – only upgrade the ones you will 100% keep.

Adventure is a great source of materials

In the Adventure mode, you will use 1 Stamina (food/meat) to explore 1 square. From this, you will be able to collect fodder heroes (white, green, blue, purple), so make sure you collect the ones you need for the upgrades.

– You can get hero upgrade items
– You can get heroes
– You can get Equipment Treasure Boxes
– You can fight bosses for extra loot (gear, Diamonds, various hero shards)
– You can get Diamonds

Get all the free daily Diamonds

This is something I strongly recommend you do. Every day you can collect 10 Diamond chests from Adventure mode. You can claim them by simply watching a short advertisement, which is definitely worth it. One Diamond chest will give you 30 Diamonds, and since you can open 10, that will be a total of 300 Diamonds for free, that you can claim daily.

How to summon more heroes

As I mentioned before, there are a few ways to summon more heroes. Let me help you better understand all of them:

#1. Oracle Scroll recruit

  • Free for passing stages
  • 350 Diamonds (1 summon)
  • 1.2k (1200) Gold in the Shop

This option will let you summon heroes by using Oracle Scrolls, which you obtain for free by simply completing in-game stages. They can reward you with a random hero of any quality, from white to orange. However, the chances of getting an orange hero are very slim.

#2. Advanced Oracle Summon

  • 2999 Diamonds (1 summon)
  • 80k (80000) Gold in the Shop (unlocked at level 80)

With this option, you will be able to summon random a hero but will have a chance of getting only Epic or above. Basically, it guarantees you that you’ll get Epic (at least), with a 20% chance to get Legendary.

#3. Specific Draw summon

  • 2999 Diamonds (10 summons?)
  • 30k (30000) Gold in the Shop per scroll

These scrolls will draw 10 times, and give you at least 1 Epic hero or higher in those 10 tries (correct me if I am wrong, I draw three times and I got 2 Epic and 2 Legendary). They are faction-exclusive, so if you are specializing in a team a specific way, you will benefit the most from these.

Note: The scrolls from the shop are a little bit bugged I believe because I bought a Yellow (Human) scroll -> Received Orc summons, a Blue (Undead) scroll -> Received Human summons, a Green (Elf).

Upgrade your units

Make sure you upgrade all of your units, as much as you can. That doesn’t only mean leveling them up and activating Breakthrough, but also starring them up. The most efficient way to do so is as follows:

– Upgrade all the units’ level by using EXP
– Breakthrough every 20 levels (for each Breakthrough they will require higher-level items, that you can obtain from Adventure)
– Star up the units (you will need a combination of Normal, Advanced, Rare, and eventually Epic heroes to upgrade them)

What’s the best way to upgrade the units?

For start, leveling them up will have a great impact on their power. Once all of your heroes are in the same level range, you should start breakthrough. Finally, every time you can, you should star up the units.

Begin by upgrading all your best Legendary (orange) units, then move on to the Epic (purple) ones. Never waste resources on white, green, and blue heroes.

How to turn on and off auto-battle

The game offers an auto-battle mode, that actually uses the skills. However, this option is premium for about $1. You can find it in the Mall -> Feature Mall, under the name Rise of Battle.

To turn it on or off, simply tap the box shown in the image below. (shared by fellow Discord user Reactive Evo(Blue)#7997)

Check Titanic’s Magic Shop constantly

Always make sure you check out the shop. Here you can find useful items, such as scrolls, equipment keys, EXP, and much more. These items have a cooldown, so once you’ve made a purchase there will be a delay until you can purchase them again.

The time until the next available item is indicated by the cyan CD bar, so follow that if you’re eagerly expecting your next purchase of faction scrolls!

What items are worth it?

I’d recommend spending the Gold on the following items, in no particular order:

– Oracle Scrolls
– Advanced Oracle Scrolls (at level 80+)
– Race Scrolls
– Food
– Rare Treasure Chest Keys

Complete your Daily Tasks

Every single day your daily tasks will reset, so it’s best to try and complete them on a daily basis. They can be found in the upper right corner of the screen, on the small fold menu. Tap on it, and check them out in the first tab that appears.

They will give you a small amount of Diamonds (30), and quite a bit of Gold, which is especially useful in the early stages of the game!

Equip gear and form gear sets

When you open the Equip tab you will be able to see your general equipment. These equipment set pieces will each carry a specific set effect, which depends entirely on the items you have. You can mix and match multiple sets since the effects apply in various ways.

For example, if you want to activate a 6-piece effect, you will gain all the effects of that gear – so for 2/6, 4/6, and 6/6 pieces. Here are a few examples of equipment that you can get in the early game, as well as how to combine them:

  • Rookie suit (6pieces):

– 2/6 pieces: All soldier HP +20%
– 4/6 pieces: All soldier Ultimate skill DMG +5%
– 6/6 pieces: All soldier Attack Speed +1%

  • Apprentice suit (6pieces):

– 2/6 pieces: All soldier HP +20%
– 4/6 pieces: All soldier Ultimate skill DMG +5%
– 6/6 pieces: All soldier Attack Speed +1%

  • Forest suit (2pieces):

– 2/2 pieces: All soldier HP +60%

  • Recruit suit (6pieces):

– 2/6 pieces: All soldier HP +60%
– 4/6 pieces: All soldier Ultimate skill DMG +15%
– 6/6 pieces: All soldier Attack Speed +3%

What is the best gear in Mist Forest?

Until you can get a complete set of Recruit Suit (6/6 pieces), which is the best at the moment, then you could try the following combos:

  • 2 Forest Suit pieces + 4 Apprentice Suit pieces
  • 2 Forest Suit pieces + 4 Rookie Suit pieces
  • 2 Forest Suit Pieces + 4 Recruit Suit pieces

Optional, but not recommended: (because you make better use of Ultimate Skill DMG instead of plain HP)

  • 2 Forest Suit Pieces + 2 Apprentice Suit Pieces + 2 Rookie Suit Pieces
  • 2 Forest Suit Pieces + 2 Apprentice Suit Pieces/2 Rookie Suit Pieces + 2 Recruit Suit Pieces

Don’t forget to upgrade your gear

Once you unlocked a set gear of your choice, then it’s time to start upgrading. Whenever you make an upgrade to the gear, you’re basically upgrading the gear slot, not the actual piece of gear. So, feel free to swap them out for better pieces whenever you get any, and keep on upgrading them!

Enchant each piece of gear with your desired stats

When you unlock the final gear pieces, you should start enchanting it. I don’t really recommend doing it before, because the enchant stones will run out extremely quick if you don’t get the stats you want.

Also, it’s best to do it later on in the game because in that way you will also know what party you want to main (for example if you want Elves, or Orcs, or Humans, you get the idea). That will leave room for more equipment enchant options.

These would be all my Mist Forest tips and tricks! Do you have some more tips that you’d like to share with others? Let me know down in the comments section below!


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