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MIR4 Arbalist Class Guide

MIR4 Arbalist Class Guide
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MIR4 is one of the most interesting mobile releases nowadays. It is an MMORPG, and like many games of this genre, it has different classes. You will need to choose one of them for your character. Sure thing MMORPGs often provide players with new classes and MIR4 is not an exception. Today we are going to talk about the new class that will be added to the game. This guide will tell you about Arbalist in MIR4.

Arbalist in MIR4

Arbalist in MIR4 is a new class. These characters use crossbows as their prime weapon. It makes them the first ranged physical damage dealers in the game. It seems that Arbalists are the class that is mostly focused on dealing with one target. But there are also some crowd control skills and other bonuses that may help you to deal with massive squads of enemies.

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Arbalist Skills in MIR4

Arbalist in MIR4 has a couple of interesting skills. The class appears to be a mix between a classic hunter and an assassin. It is a ranged damage dealer that is able to enter stealth mode. Also, Arbalists improve their crit strikes when they focus on one target. So, this class is able to decimate the target you want to focus on. Also, Arbalist’s projectiles pierce enemies, so your attack can damage more than one enemy. This mechanic should help you to deal with crowds.

Arbalist Equipment in MIR4

Arbalist in MIR4 appears to be a damage-dealing class. So, your equipment should be focused on improving your damage. But, according to the video created by the developers where this class was introduced, you should focus on improving your critical strikes. This works great with Arbalist’s passive and should help you to kill lots of your enemies.

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MIR4 Arbalist Class Guide


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