Young Monroe’s mother passed away in the night, sadly. His mother was a painter who never completed any of her works. The orphanage tells Monroe that he can keep only one of his mother’s paintings, and he chooses the one with the unfinished swan. One night, Monroe discovers that the swan is no longer in the painting…

The Unfinished Swan is a unique first-person adventure game from Giant Sparrow, the same creative minds who brought us What Remains of Edith Finch.

The Unfinished Swan was initially released on the PlayStation 3 back in 2012, and now thanks to Annapurna Interactive the game is available on iOS.

Players will guide Monroe as he follows the swan into a mysterious painted world. Armed with nothing but his mother’s magical paintbrush, he sets out into the blank canvas world in search of the swan.

The central mechanic of The Unfinished Swan is the player’s ability to paint the world. The world is much like the mother’s unfinished paintings – most of it is blank, but the player can use the magical paintbrush to fling lobs of paint around that fill in the world.

Monroe can find the lost swan and also unravel a the story behind the painted world using the power of the paintbrush. What lies ahead is a journey full of mystery and wonder as Monroe discovers the meaning behind the unfinished paintings.

The Unfinished Swan was a highly regarded indie hit when it was still only on the PlayStation 3. If you are a fan on artsy adventure games, we recommend checking this one out.

The Unfinished Swan is available now on the App Store for 4.99 USD.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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