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mini tank fire 4

Mini Tank: Fire Cheats: Tips & Guide to Destroy More Tanks and Win Battles

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to dive into the Mini Tank: Fire tips and cheats and help you win more battles and to become the MVP of your team.

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I am not going to lie, this game reminds me a lot of Worms Forts which I used to play years and years ago, but it seems like a lot of fun as well. The fact that it has some unique features will make you have to play for quite a bit so that you can understand everything perfectly, and become better at the game.

But thus being said, let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Mini Tank: Fire tips and tricks and help you win more battles.

Aim the enemies as best as you can

You should not expect to win every single game, but as long as you play your part and aim at enemies or allies (depending on which role you play – attacker or support) you should be more than fine!

Try to use your aim as best as you can, so that the landing spot will always be accurate and where you want it to be. For example you should try to make sure that the missile landing spot is exactly on top of the enemy (for attack tanks) because that will give you a “Perfect” hit which deals more damage.

When it comes to support role tanks, you most likely have to aim at your allies because they will need the heal – and if you cast it at enemy tanks it really is a waste of skills for your team. So make sure that you use the same mechanics to heal your allies – throw for “Perfect” hits which will heal a lot more.

mini tank fire 1

The markers are there for a reason

It’s pretty obvious, right? Well the direction markers should make it a lot easier for you to hit the targets, so follow them accordingly and as best as you can. There will also be a smaller marker (a hexagonal shape-ish) which indicates that your hit will be “perfect”. I suggest that you try and find that because it will make quite a big difference in the amount of damage you deal overall.

Train using one tank until you reach level 8

It will make it a lot easier for you knowing how a single tank will work at 100% capacity. Now you might know (or not) that at level 8 you will unlock ranked games, which will let you play with other people all around the world who are trying to rank up.

Not only will it make it easier for you to “carry” your team if you know a single tank to perfection, but it will also make it less stressful for you not having to learn new skills all over again.

So in my opinion the best thing you can do until you reach level 8 is play as many normal games (Quick Battle mode) and learn various strategies to take down opponents using a single tank. Don’t switch among them over and over because it will be more difficult to get better results in ranked if you don’t know how your tank works.

Note that what I said here will apply only if you want to play ranked as soon as it becomes available! Otherwise, follow the next tip!

Play multiple tanks / roles to find the right one for you

If you are still not yet sure which tank you want to play or “main”, then the solution is pretty simple: play every tank you can get your hands on in Quick Battle mode! This will let you experiment using various tanks and you can try out various stuff, without having to worry about your team mates silently flaming you for losing their ranked game.

I find it most useful to try and practice either aiming (fast and accurate aiming) or skills by playing normal games, because they will let you mess up and you can learn a lot from those mistakes. For example, if you play a crowd control tank and you miss your shot, there won’t be a big penalty in terms of damage taken – and if you play support and let your team mate die, you’ll know to not aim at enemies with your healing skills!

Remember that practice makes perfect! Eventually you will find the right tank for you and you’ll be able to win a lot of games, even if your team mates are not that good!

mini tank fire 2

Take a look at all the missions and complete as many as you can

In the game there will be a ton of missions that you can keep track of, so I really suggest that you do your best and focus on them one by one. You should try to check out the “Task” tab in the main interface of the game, because you will see there your daily missions in the “Active Reward” tab.

Try to complete these every single day before they reset because they will give you a ton of useful rewards and they are pretty easy to complete – all you need to do is keep playing games as most of them revolve around playing quick battles or ranked.

If possible, grind a lot of Gold every day

There is a maximum amount of Gold you can collect per week, and you can earn that from battles. The Gold limit per week is 3600 Gold, which will not make it easy to get your desired S rank tank, because you will have to play quite a lot and finish tons of missions.

You need to keep in mind that this Gold limit will count only the Gold you get from battles! The Gold you get from missions won’t count towards this, so you’re safe (more or less) if you do decide to go for completing as many missions as possible.

The players with higher credit points will also have a higher Gold cap. So for example if credit points is 100, the Gold cap is maximum +100. And if you have less than 60 Credit Points, your Gold cap will be maximum -60.

mini tank fire 3

Do in game time limited events

All the time limited events in game will give you a lot of useful and cool items, so try to complete as many as you can since they will not always be there. You can find these missions in the Time Limited Event tab in the game’s main interface so try to check them all out and see what are some of the tasks that you need to do.

When you complete a lot of these missions you will be able to claim various boxes (including Ultimate Boxes), Diamonds and many other extremely useful items which otherwise will cost you a lot or will be difficult to obtain.

Use Gold to upgrade your tanks’ ATK and DEF

When you head on to the Tanks tab and select one of the tanks you own, you will have the possibility to upgrade your ATK and DEF. Head on to the “Atk Def” tab of the selected tank and you will see that you can use some Gold to make upgrades.

I really suggest that you invest a lot of Gold in the tank that you are planning to main, because it will increase its stats passively and permanently. That will make for some really strong unit if you choose to make tons of upgrades.

mini tank fire 5

These would be all of our Mini Tank: Fire tips and tricks that we have for you right now. Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you want to share with the rest of us? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below!

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