After long and restless nights (well, not quite) of pondering, I still couldn’t figure out the game’s name origin. Why “Mini” Shooters? Where did that come from? Then one day it hit me. It was the characters’ “mini” legs. Of course it was difficult covering such large areas of the maps in a short time. Of course it was difficult running from a grenade that I have just dropped next to me (and ended up blowing myself up). It all made sense now.

So with this realization hitting me, I’ve decided to make a Mini Shooters: Battleground Shooting Game review that will state all the goods and bads of the game. No sugarcoating, nothing. 

The game basically follows the generic FPS genre, like many other known mobile and PC games. Nothing stands out, maybe just the odd costumes that you can acquire. Personally not being a huge fan of this genre of games, it didn’t blow my socks off. The only thing I found remotely attractive was the pumpkin mask because it hid the features of the character’s face.

As for the gameplay of Mini Shooters: Battleground Shooting Game, it is quite a basic one. Nothing bad to say here. The ping was stable and luckily no weird disconnections occurred, so I could enjoy the quickly filled queues and smooth PvP. If you are even a little bit familiar with the techniques of playing FPS games, this game can be considered quite easy.

Running from place to place and shooting enemies is not difficult at all, maybe just a little slow, but that is not a big inconvenience. The maps seems quite big though, and given the “mini legs” of the characters, you might not get to see the edge of a map before getting killed or killing all the enemies. Again, that is not an inconvenience.

The game features a number of in-app purchases, from cool-looking hats, to goggles and even characters. They can be unlocked via free coins, or for the bunch of you who likes to spend money in games, via diamonds (bought with real cash). The game is free to play, so there is really no need for you to pull out your wallet to have a good time.

A big plus to the game goes for the “auto fire” option, which allows you to simply focus on the game and not worrying about firing your weapon when the enemy is in sight. That is a big win from my side, because some games do not have this option.

The graphics of the game are not very impressive, as they are quite simple compared to other FPS games. Also a little edgy. The funny and awkward looks of the characters can either win you over or push you away. Standing tall with tiny legs, big torsos and a thin neck, they look like a bunch of weirdos, but that’s the game’s style.

In a way, Mini Shooters: Battleground Shooting Game looks like a Counter-Strike 1.6 for mobile with bright colors and weird characters. That’s a weird way to put it, but it’s just how I see it.

As for the sounds, the music can get annoying after a while, but the in-game sounds are very good and spot-on. If you pay close attention, you can hear footsteps and such, which is very helpful for spotting enemies.

All in all, I consider this game quite fun if you don’t mind the weird graphics. The mechanics are typical for its genre, so there is no downside to that. I also really liked the costumes and the fact that you can get some cool goggles and hats, because I always choose to customize my characters in every game that I play.


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