Mini DAYZ Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


The hit PC survival game DayZ comes to mobile platforms in Mini DAYZ! In this 16-bit demake of the original zombie survival game, you’ll roam the wastelands in search of supplies to keep yourself alive. With the help of our Mini DAYZ cheats and tips, we’ll show you the basics and intricacies of surviving the zombie hordes.

Don’t let the name fool you – Mini DAYZ features a large world to explore and conquer, so let’s get started with our Mini DAYZ cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Plan your route

The first thing you should do is take a look at your map. You usually spawn into a new world right by the coast, so your first order of business is to find a nearby town. Running around in the wilderness will usually get you more lost.

Once you get to the road, stick to it so that you can check out any cars on the way. Pay attention to the map icons too. The house icon means a small neighborhood, while the two buildings represent a city.

The other factory looking icon designates a facility of some sort. You’ll find a variety of different items from each.

Be careful – sticking to the road means you’re more likely to encounter those pesky zombies! Keep your wits about you because zombies will emit very loud growls when they’ve spotted you, even if they’re off-screen. Stay alert and you should be fine.

Bundle up in some heavy clothing

You’ll find random articles of clothing throughout your adventure. You should aim to replace your standard T-Shirt whenever you get the chance.

Certain pieces of clothes have slots making carrying things around MUCH easier. Try to find a heavy piece of clothing like a jacket of some sort as they usually have 2-3 slots. They will also keep you warm, preventing your temperature from dropping too low.

One thing we’ve noticed is that it’s possible to get too cold, but there doesn’t seem to be any detrimental effects if you’re too hot.

Don’t let your old clothes go to waste! Light clothing like the T-Shirt you start out with can be ripped to make a bandage. Do this every time you find new light clothing to keep your bandage stock high.

Avoid melee combat

Melee combat should be avoided at any cost! It’s still pretty dangerous even if you’re fully clothed with a good melee weapon equipped. Any strike can cause you to bleed and in rare circumstances infect you.

Neither of these are fun status ailments to have so if you can help it, it’s better to run than fight. You can lose zombies by running around obstacles and trying to get them stuck on them.

Zombies will always run at you in a straight line no matter if they have line of sight or not, so you can use this to your advantage.

Stay still for greater accuracy

Your accuracy with guns will improve if you stay still for a while. A crosshair will appear over a zombie when your auto-target is locked on them.

Moving will cause it to turn red which signifies that you have a high chance of missing.

Standing still will make it slowly turn back to green, which means you have a good chance of your shot landing.

Look for the Rice

If you’re having hunger problems, fear not! Plain old rice is the way to go! Rice comes in a red and white can – keep an eye out for them. Rice will restore about 80% of your hunger gauge upon eating it, so you can see why it’s so good!

Choose your perks wisely

Depending on how ambitious you are with exploring, you’ll earn points at a very slow rate. You’ll need to pick your perks carefully because you don’t know when you’ll get your next one.

For starters we recommend grabbing the Sprinter perk, which permanently increases your movement speed by 10%. It may not seem like much but it can make all the difference when you’re trying to lose a group of zombies.

Build your base

You can craft a makeshift base by building a Campfire and surrounding it with a fence. To do this you’ll need to find a hatchet or fireaxe to chop down trees. You can craft the items using the materials you get from the fallen trees.

You can also craft a makeshift backpack in case lady luck is against you and you can’t seem to find one randomly, though you need rope and a burlap sack, two somewhat uncommon materials.

Keep yourself well nourished

Above all, the most important thing to remember is to keep yourself well nourished. The only way to recover your blood directly is to use a bloodpack which are extremely rare.

That’s why in most cases you’ll need to rely on your natural regeneration to recover from your wounds.

As long as your hunger and thirst aren’t too low you will slowly regenerate blood over time. Treat your body well and you just might survive through this nightmare!

That’s all for Mini DAYZ! If you’ve got any other tips for our survival guide, let us know in the comments below!

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Mini DAYZ Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. This was very help to me because I would usually try to use melee since I thought it was the safest way to fight and save ammo, lol.

  2. Okay, so I’ll try to answer most of your questions.
    1. @Snip24 To craft and item, you need to drag one recipe on the other, in which will give you an option to craft the item you intended to make. For example, to craft a bow, which requires a rope and an ashwood stick, all you need to do is to drag the stick onto the rope or the other way around, it really doesn’t matter).
    2. @Kameel69er First of all, you unlock the characters by completing a certain achievement, such as “Kill 6 zombies with a shotgun”, in case of Red, the fourth character on the list and the first one on the unlockable list. Red starts of with a shirt and a jean, which gives him one more space, and has a perk unlocked, which I think is the perk that upgrades his chance of doing a headshot with a gun. The Doc starts off with a bandage and has two more slots at the beginning, and has the bloodstopper perk unlocked.
    3. Guns can fire only certain types of bullets. This For example, the Glock19 Pistol only chambers 9mms, 45ACP for FNX45 pistols, .357 for the Repeater rifles, 7.62 for the SKS rifle, and 12cal for the shotguns. These are the only types of guns that I have been able to find and use, so I’ll update it as I discover more
    4. “Just in case” is the type of thought that will get you killed. “Just in case I find a gun” doesn’t mean that you should carry a bunch of shotguns shells and rifle bullets.
    5. The type of loot differs by the type of buildings that are located in. For example, normal residences only has food, drinks, and other small items in them, like flares, jeans, and seeds. The military bases, that are spread throughout the whole map will be full of zombies, the really quick ones and sometimes a soldier might be in it, who will open fire at you on sight, with a gun that fires three burst shots. It is best to avoid him since the gun does ALOT of damage, but you can take cover behind cars and take him down if you get lucky. The Castle-ish buildings mostly has the best loots. There’s a high chance you’ll find some kind of firearms in them, along with bandages and high-tier clothes like hunting jackets and all.
    6. In the military base, you can see an ATV, an armored vehicle. I have not found a way to get an access to it, so this remains unknown.
    7. It is highly advised not to create and use bows since gathering the resources can be tough, as said above the ropes are kinda rare, and it would be a waste of your hunger and thirst if you were to look for them, and would be easier to find another type of weapons.
    8. It is also highly advised to stay on the main road since there are wolves in the forests and they are quite dangerous if they come at you in packs. They easily cause bleeding and the woods is where the most dangerous zombies hide .
    9. If you get to see a zombie in a yellow coat, avoid it and fight only when necessary. And if you kill them, get away from the area immediately since their bloods are poisonous and it will damage you severely.
    10. Sorry, the order is messed up, but there are two types of zombies in this game. There are walkers, the slow, roaming types that are usually located around the residences, which come in packs if they see you. and there are the crawlers, which uh… “crawls” up to you in a menacing speed, but they have low health.

    I’ll try to update this as I discover more about the game and you are free to add this to your post

    • Yes it resets after starting a new game. Why not?? If the perks are permanent them the game would be unfair, and its almost similar for using cheats

    • I think you’re trying to make a tent which serves as ur makeshift house and store things,, another way to make a house is build a fireplace kit and surround it with your fences for security.

  3. The perks are resetted every time you start a new game unless you start off with a character that has some perks unlocked.
    There is no such thing in the game yet.
    What do you mean “to get survivor”

    • Sometimes its a waste of time when it drops common food but you must be patient if youre needing guns badly and instead of using ad loot just go and search residences/cities/hospitals, and rare loot might appear somewhere.

    • This is my one pet peeve right now. Almost every time I try to do a loot drop, I see the ad then the game crashes and I end up about 3 min in the past from when i tried the loot drop.

      I have no doubt they will fix it. This is a QUALITY software maker and from experience of playing Standard DAY-Z in Alpha/Beta, they may not fix it tomorrow. But they will fix it.

  4. Hi i survived 4 days…i found a friendly survivor and we team… but where to find the tent?i reached the third island but still cant find a tent…and can i drive a car??because i killed a bandit and drops a fuel…can i play multiplayer .. how??

    • Hello there You can also Drive a car when you found one (I’m talking about the blue car with a skull face on its hood) while the tent is very hard to find….

  5. Hi i survived 4 days…i found a friendly survivor and we team… but where to find the tent?i reached the third island but still cant find a tent that i can store things…and can i drive a car??because i killed a bandit and drops a fuel…can i play multiplayer .. how??

  6. Hi I wanna know if there is a way to save ur items like in chest. I tried to drop all my items in one place and save them but they have disappeared after a while

  7. Hi! Great game btw. I can’t figure out how to find a boat!! Where r they? I looked everywhere for 7 days(In game)! Can I get help on where to find those things? Thx

    • Run the beach. I’ve found about 75% of them are on the right hand side. (Look at the global map and you can see you start on the furthers Western island) But remember, have wood logs or duct tape with you or you can’t repair it to sail away!!

  8. Melee Combat –
    Wanted to post a quick tip on Melee combat. I’ve seen a lot of “Don’t do it” I’ve also seen people just stand next to the zombie and do a “blow for blow” type of fight. Here are my suggestions.
    1. MOST IMPORTANT – Don’t stand still for Melee. The Zombies/Raiders/Wolves all have a red circle around them. When you enter that circle, you can hit them and they can hit you. Standing there will just get you badly damaged, or at the least bleeding. MOVE- Run around and have them trail behind you. Take a 90 degree turn and let them get closer to you, when you are in their red circle, you will auto hit them. Doing this multiple times will score you a kill.
    2. Getting into Melee with out a hand weapon is VERY hard. You can survive, but you’ll be bleeding at the end. On average I do about 8 pts of damage with out a weapon.
    3. Hand Weapons – Hatchet, Fire Axe, Pipe Wrench, Shovel, Pitchfork.. (There are probably more)
    From my experience, the hatchet and Fire axed do the most damage. On average with no boost, it will hit for 45 pts per hit. A crit will score for 65 – 80 allowing you to sometimes one shot a zombie.
    4. Wolves – Just like Zombies they will attack you on site. But you have options with these. If you can’t fight them, kite them to a zombie and break line of sight. They will attack the zombie and usually win, leaving themselves with very little hp.
    5. LINE OF SITE – So your in town and 4 zombies spring up. You have no weapon, or you do and your low on health. What do you do. BREAK THEIR LINE OF SITE. By running around a building and cutting 90 degrees around a corner, sometimes they will loose line of site and stop chasing you. I’ve found the BEST way is to get out into the forest with them behind you. Break for a group of tree’s. Go high or low then quickly bend around. Again, they loose line of sight, you get away. This works for Wolves as well.

    Hand to Hand Vs. Guns-
    Don’t get me wrong.. I love the guns. But when you use them you have to wait for the red circle on the zombie to turn yellow, then green in order for you to have an accurate shot. Otherwise your bullets just fly anywhere. So what if a Zombie is close to you.. Are you going to turn around and wait for him to be green while he pummels you? HAND TO HAND FOLKS. Learn it. Love it. Live it.

    • I agree with you melee is OP than ranged weapons. Using hatchet and fire axe is best and you dont need bullets. Its like your using mosin nagant rifle with unli bullet lol


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