Minecraft Pocket Edition: Best Seeds

The wonderful world of Minecraft is always changing. With every update Mojang adds in new spectacular locales to explore, and there is almost always something new to see. With that said, it can be hard to find specific biomes and structures, so we’ve compiled a list of the best seeds for you to use if you’re looking for something specific.

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Even if you aren’t, this is a list full of great environments to start your next survival world in if you’re looking for some inspiration. Here is our list for the best seeds in Minecraft Pocket Edition!

Desert Village with Biomes

Seed: -807569075

Found by Reddit user Iuketheblaze, this seed features a quaint little desert village that is in the middle of a bunch of different biomes, including a taiga and an ice spikes biome. It’s a great place to build your base if you like having lots of different scenery around you to look at!

Starting Mushroom Island

Seed: 2572370134673441888

Another nice seed found by a Reddit user, Minecraft_or_Tf2_idk‘s Mushroom Island features a nicely sized mushroom biome near the starting spawn. This seed is the one to use if you’re looking for an easy mushroom biome to start building in.

Mushroom biomes are pretty rare finds in Minecraft, so having one start out so close to you can be really helpful if you want a lot of mushrooms or you’re seeking out the rare mooshroom mob.

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Starting Ruined Portal

Seed: -1437259633

Memelord9298‘s seed will start you out in a seemingly normal plains biome with the very obvious ruined portal sticking out like a sore thumb. If you want an easier way to get to the Nether or you just like the look of the ruined portal, this is the seed for you.

While you’ll still need to find a couple of obsidian to complete the portal, it’s a cool little feature to have in the middle of your base.

Six River Crossing

Seed: 1769453112

This one is for the players who love peaceful and beautiful scenery! MarioKartEpicness‘s seed will start players right in the middle of six rivers intersecting. The six rivers all go out for miles, and they can lead you to some interesting places.

Gameplay wise, this seed does not offer any special biomes or anything like that, but it’s definitely one of the prettiest seeds we have seen so far. If you’re not looking for anything specific, this is a great seed to use if you’d like a unique and unforgettable backdrop for your base.

Desert Village with Ruined Portal and Stronghold

Seed: -1936298847

goldengamer199‘s seed features a relatively normal world, but there is one point of interest that you should take a look at. At coordinates 1025, 70, 26 lies a quaint little desert village.

Desert villages are pretty nice looking on their own, but this one features a ruined portal in the back of it. On top of that, there is a nearby ravine with a stronghold at the bottom of it, giving you a surefire way to get to The End once you have enough Eyes of Ender.

Lots of Diamond Veins

Seed: -1214384649

AimleSsnake‘s world has some shiny treasures for you to find. Namely, lots and lots of diamonds! Once you load into this world head over to the coordinates 60, 11, 136. It’s not too bad of a trek from spawn, so this can give you a great early start.

Dig into the caves and eventually you’ll find some diamond veins. You should find at least fourteen, but other users who have used this seed have reported that the surrounding caves hold even more diamonds, so make sure to mine around and try your luck!

Triple Dungeons

Seed: -1725377018

For those who like to dungeon delve, End207‘s seed features something rather peculiar – three dungeons right next to each other! Head on over to coordinates -222, 31, -3449 to see the triple dungeons for yourself.

The three dungeons next each other contain spider, zombie, and skeleton spawners, so be ready for a fight when you get there. Not only can you find some useful loot in the chest, but this is a great farming area to setup and take advantage of.

Multi-Biomes with Easy Stronghold and Nether Fortress

Seed: -627288964

Deltazip found a pretty awesome seed featuring multiple biomes. From spawn you’ll need to head to one of the coordinates listed above to see all of the cool stuff around you. You’ve got a swamp, a desert, savanna, a village, and more!

Deltazip also said that if you head to where the nether fort is listed and build a nether portal, it’ll take you straight to a nether fortress! Once you’re ready, the marked stronghold will take you to the end.

This is a nice and balanced seed with plenty of cool biomes to explore, and for those who want to get straight to the action there are a lot of easy-to-reach key locations, including the aforementioned stronghold and nether fortress.

Abandoned Bamboo Jungle Village

Seed: 882902589

Our friends at MinecraftChill have found a neat seed that drops you right into a bamboo jungle at spawn. Not only that, but there is a nearby abandoned village where you can fight illagers at.

If you’re looking for a neat backdrop to start your base in, this seed might do the trick. The bamboo jungle biome is one of our favorite biomes to build in since it’s just so majestic looking!

That’s our list of featured seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition. As the game receives more updates we’ll also update with new seeds as well!

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