Are you ready to mine? A dangerous mine awaits you and the only way down is through the clever use of some explosives! Mineblast!! is famed developer Neutronized’s (Super Cat Tales, Yokai Dungeon) latest game for the mobile platform.

To descend the cave, players must take control of either Kuro, the mining cat from the Super Cat Tales series, or Dyna Boy, a character from one of Neutronized’s oldest games of the same name.

The controls are simple: move your character around, jump, and of course throw some dynamite! The dynamite in Mineblast!! has physics, so carefully placed throws is the key to smart excavating.

Certain blocks of stone, soil, and wood can be destroyed, and if you are careful enough you can create your own path through the mine. Your dynamite supply is finite, so you must be careful with your explosions. There is unlit dynamite strewn about the mines, so be sure to grab them!

As to be expected, Mineblast!! features some crisp pixel artwork and a fantastic chiptune soundtrack all done in Neutronized’s signature style. The game is available now for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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