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Milky Way Cookie Toppings Guide: Cookie Run Kingdom

Milky Way Cookie Toppings Guide: Cookie Run Kingdom

Milky Way Cookie is one of the Cookies added to Cookie Run: Kingdom in the Invitation From the Slumbering Moon update alongside Moonlight Cookie. Milky Way Cookie is a sad-looking Cookie with white hair that reaches the floor and stars in her eyes. She is available to unlock in the Cookie Gacha using cutters or Soulstones. Find out below which toppings would be best in the Milky Way Cookie Toppings guide: Cookie Run Kingdom.

Milky Way Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (via Devsisters)

Milky Way Cookie Best Toppings

Milky Way Cookie is a Charge type Cookie who prefers the front of the team where she can deal the most damage. Milky Way Cookie can use her skill to push the enemy back while also applying buffs to the team. She can also shield her friends , and heal herself 57.7% of ATK regularly.

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In Milky Way’s update ‘Invitation From the Slumbering Moon’, Resonant Toppings were also introduced. These give bonus stats and can only be used by very specific Cookies. Moonkissed Toppings are available for Moonlight Cookie and Milky Way Cookie, and offer a small percentage buff to each effect. Any Toppings suggestions below would be best as Moonkissed variations.

swift chocolate topping cookie run kingdom
Swift Chocolate Topping in Cookie Run Kingdom (via Devsisters)

To increase the use of her skill Sugarcloud Express, and decrease cooldown one of the potentially best toppings for Milky Way Cookie would be Moonkissed Swift Chocolate. Moonkissed Swift Chocolate reduces cooldown for a Cookie. This would mean Milky Way Cookie could jump aboard their train and provide buffs for the team more often.

solid almond topping cookie run kingdom
Solid Almond Topping in Cookie Run Kingdom (via Devsisters)

Another useful topping would be Moonkissed Solid Almond which increases a Cookie’s DMG resistance. This is a perfect Topping for Cookies who are at the front of the team dealing damage. A combo of Moonkissed Swift Chocolate and Moonkissed Solid Almond would be ideal for Milky Way Cookie to increase her DMG resistance and let her use her skill as often as possible.

If you have the perfect toppings combination for any of the Cookies in your team, including Milky Way Cookie, please let us know in the comments below.

Now that you know the best toppings build for Milky Way Cookie, it’s time to get out there and put them to the test! Check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom section for more guides. Good luck!

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Milky Way Cookie Toppings Guide: Cookie Run Kingdom


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