Miitopia Job Guide: Vampire


Miitopia features a nice selection of jobs that are unlocked by moving the story ahead, but there are a few ones that are completely optional and require you to go out of your way to unlock them. While this may be a little annoying, the developers have made sure it will be well worth your effort, as these optional jobs are among the best in the game. If you’re thinking about tackling the post-game challenges, it is definitely a very good idea to unlock them.

Here’s everything you need to know about one of these optional jobs, the Vampire.


The Vampire is one of the few jobs in the game that is not unlocked automatically, but the effort to unlock it is very well worth it, as it is one of the best jobs in the game. Not only the Vampire comes with a regular attack that hits multiple targets, but it also learns some high damage skills, some supportive ones as well as one more that lets the character drain HP. With extremely high stats all around, with the exception of Speed, the Vampire can play many different roles, making this a job you want to have in your party once you unlock it.

To unlock the Vampire job, you will have to complete the Haunted House quest. This quest becomes available randomly before the end of the main story.


As Vampires seem to be targeted more often than other jobs for no particular reason, you will want to boost the already high Defense and HP stats as much as possible. Enhancing MP and Magic is also a good choice, given how the job relies on skills to deal high amounts of damage. Avoiding improving Speed, as the growth rate is so low, that you aren’t going to improve it in any significant way.


Given how the Vampire works great as a tank, you may want to go for the Kind personality to make sure enemies focus on them at all times. Energetic is also a very good choice thanks to the Hang On behavior that lets any Mii survive a fatal attack as long as the character has more than 1 HP.


The Vampire learns a variety of offense-oriented skills that make it an extremely damaging job.

Curse – Level 7 – Enemies suffer when they try to hurt you.
Revive – Level 10 – Sometimes get back up after having fallen in battle.
Poison Mist – Level 13 – Emit a noxious cloud of poison that damages all enemies.
Bite – Level 17 – Sink your fangs into an enemy and absorb HP from them.
Chill Mist – Level 21 – Freeze all enemies with a breath of ice-cold air.
Enthrall – Level 25 – Bestow vampiric powers on a friend so they can revive at random.
Bat Tornado – Level 29 – Summon a colony of bats to swarm around and hurt an enemy.
Scorching Breath – Level 33 – Damage all enemies with a fearsome blast of fiery breath

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Miitopia Job Guide: Vampire


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