Thanks to its solid Job system, Miitopia lets players customize their main hero with a lot of different abilities. While most of the jobs included in the game can be useful, not all of them are viable at all times, so knowing what each job exactly does and which ability it learns is extremely important for putting together the most balanced party possible.

Here’s everything there is to know about the Thief job in Miitopia.


The Thief is among the starting jobs in Miitopia, so you do not have to go out of your way to unlock it. It is also among the best choices at the start of the game, as the job’s basic attack hits all targets with no MP cost, and it has the ability to steal from enemies. With other jobs getting unlocked over time, and the other starting jobs learning more abilities, the Thief kinda becomes outdated over time, but with the right gear, it can continue to be a very useful one.


As the Thief is mostly geared toward offense with its useful basic attack, you will want to improve the Attack stat as much as possible. Since the job also learns some useful supportive abilities, you want to activate them as soon as you can, especially during boss battles, something that makes improving the Speed stat equally important.


Being a somewhat well-rounded job, the Kind personality is definitely among the best ones for the Thief, as it grants access to additional supportive abilities. Coupled with the job’s high speed, this will ensure your survival during the most intense of battles.


The Thief learns a variety of offensive and supportive skills that make it a surprisingly well-balanced job that can deal with a lot of different situations.

Booby Trap – Level 3 – Place a trap before you to interrupt and counter an enemy attack.
Pilfer – Level 5 – Attempt to steal snacks from enemies. Doesn’t always work.
Backflip – Level 9 – Occasionally dodge physical enemy attacks. (auto)
Whirlwind Blades – Level 10 – Dance like the wind, slicing and dicing many enemies in your path.
Sneak Attack – Level 15 – Hide behind an enemy and catch them unawares for great damage.
Phantom Strike – Level 23 – Hit the enemy over and over again with a phantasmal flurry of attacks.
Huge Trap – Level 28 – Put a big trap in front of the whole party to counter enemy attacks.
Rock Rain – Level 33 – Cause a landslide of rocks to fall from above, crushing the enemy.

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