Miitopia Job Guide: Tank


Thanks to the job system, players can customize their characters in Miitopia with a variety of different abilities. Sure, the system is not all that deep, compared to other players, but it’s still deep enough to give players different choices that are more or less effective, depending on the situation.

Here’s everything you need to know about the physically powerful Tank job.


As the name implies, Tanks in Miitopia are masters at dealing physical damage and resisting enemy attacks thanks to their high Attack and Defense stats. Unfortunately, this job is somewhat difficult to use properly, as their incredibly low speed makes it so that they will always act last. Additionally, Tanks use MP not only for skills but also for regular attacks, forcing you to always keep an eye on them to make sure they have not been depleted: a Tank without MP is pretty much a sitting duck.

The Tank job is unlocked after completing Chapter 2 and reaching the Realm of the Fey.


While it may seem like a good idea to improve the Tank’s Speed, this is actually a pretty bad idea, as it is so low that no amount of effort can make it decent. What you should do is capitalize on this job’s unique traits, focusing on improving Attack and Defense as well as MP, which are extremely important since they are needed even for regular attacks.


Given the Tank’s unique traits, the Cautious personality is the one that works best. Not only it grants access to Finisher and Warm Up, which let the Tank finish enemies and improve their action at the cost of a delayed turn, but also to Prepped and Ready, which grants this job a chance to use items if they have run out of MP or are low on HP.


Offense is the name of the game for the Tank, and so all of the skills the job learns are geared toward attacking the enemy.

Normal Attack – Level 1 – Standard attack that hits one enemy.
Human Cannonball – Level 3 – Hit an enemy, using a friend as ammo. Not very fun for friends.
Wild Shot – Level 5 – Fire scattershot, hitting enemies—and sometimes friends—at random.
Defense – Level 7 – Hole up inside extra-thick armor, reducing the damage taken. (auto)
Laser – Level 10 – Fire a high-powered laser, zapping all enemies in its path.
Repair – Level 15 – Perform emergency maintenance to restore HP. Takes some time.
Hot Shot – Level 21 – Fire three huge blasts of energy into enemy ranks.
Ultra Laser – Level 27 – Fire an extremely powerful laser, searing all enemies in its path.

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Miitopia Job Guide: Tank


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