Miitopia Job Guide: Pop Star


Miitopia may not be an incredibly deep role-playing game, but it does come with some features that let players customize their characters with different abilities. Thanks to the job system, it is possible to make Miitopia truly feel like one own’s adventure, as no customization option is forced upon you in any significant way.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pop Star, one of the jobs available in Miitopia.


Despite not being a massive damage dealer job, the Pop Star job is among the most useful jobs in Miitopia. As it levels up, the job learns tons of great healing and buffing abilities, which makes it an extremely important job to have in your party at all times, but especially during boss battles. It is also unlocked from the very beginning, so you do not have to go out of your way to unlock it.


Given how the Pop Star relies heavily on skills to be useful, you should prioritize improving the job’s MP stat as much as possible, as with a low MP stat, you may risk ending up with a character that cannot do much while their healing and supporting spells are needed the most. Additionally, improving speed is also a very good idea, as you want these supportive spells to be available to you as soon as possible.

Best Personalities

While there are a few personalities that work great with the Pop Star, Cool and Energetic are the best possible ones for the job. Cool kinda makes up for the job’s horrible damage-dealing abilities, as it grants access to Pressure Point, a personality skill that increases damage by 1.5 times. Energetic, on the other hand, lets the job restore MP, which can be very important if multiple classes in your party rely on Magic Points to deal damage and support the other characters.


The Pop Star learns a variety of useful healing and supportive skills that are extremely useful throughout the game.

Encore – Level 2 – Encourage a friend to give them an extra turn.
Earworm – Level 3 – Get enemies dancing to a catchy tune to distract them for one turn.
Out of Tune – Level 5 – Hurt the enemy by singing badly. Your friends suffer a bit too.
Love and Peace – Level 6 – Spread the love and help a friend to let go of their quarrel
Love Song – Level 8 – Sing a touching ballad to temporarily deepen the party’s bond with you.
Cheer On – Level 11 – Lift the party’s spirits and get some of their MP back.
Smooth Moves – Level 16 – Perform some slick dance moves and recover some HP with style.
Way Out of Tune – Level 21 – Sing atrociously to hurt the enemy greatly and friends quite a bit too.
Angelic Voice – Level 27 – Sing words that touch the soul and might bring back a fallen friend.

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Miitopia Job Guide: Pop Star


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